Do you wonder about my "swidget" on the right side of my page?  What's a swidget?  It's that big box on the right hand side of my page.  I "earn" swagbucks just for searching the internet.  We all do this most days, why not earn something for it.  Swagbucks is not real money but when you accumulate enough of them, you can either save for prizes from the "swag store" or do like I do and "purchase" $5 Amazon gift cards.

I've been doing swagbucks since early September and already have $35 on my Amazon account.  Soon I will have enough for that Krups coffee maker I want and it will be shipped for FREE.  All in all, my cost for the coffee maker will be ZERO for doing what I do every day.

Why not give swagbucks a try, thousands of people do it.  In case you are wondering, this is NOT a scam, do a search and look it up.  Registration is free.  There is a link for your convenience right above the swidget.  Click it, then register.  There are rules with swagbucks, if you have any questions, please ask me.

In addition to searching the internet using www.swagbucks.com, there are trusted surveys that "earn" you swagbucks, special offers, such as watch a short video get 3 swagbucks.  Really you don't have to purchase  anything on the site within the special offers section.

Do you order items online?  This is another way to "earn" swagbucks.  On the swagbucks page, there is a section for "shop & earn", just select your favorite stores, then click on one of them and do your normal shopping - this "earns" you 2 swagbucks for each $1 you spent at checkout.  Most of the online stores that I order from are on there and yes, I have ordered this way and been credited with swagbucks.

Give it a try, nothing to lose, much to gain!

October 15, 2010
5 weeks of Swagbucks!

I've "earned" by web searching, watching videos, and shopping 10 - $5 Amazon Gift Cards. That's enough to purchase the Krups coffee maker that I have wanted for so long, I'll get free shipping from Amazon too! What is better than FREE for what you might do everyday?

Being unemployed still, every little bit helps!