Thursday, August 22, 2013

Swagbucks - What YOU Need to Know!

Do you use Swagbucks?


I just learned about a new app that earns you more Swagbucks!  If you have an Android phone or tablet, search the Google Play Store for EntertaiNow.  It's similar to SBTV Mobile.  

How much can you earn with this app?  Up to 90 Swagbucks a day, if you earn 90 a day, in months with 30 days you will earn 2700 extra Swagbucks.  If you enjoy the Amazon Gift Cards, it's the equivalent of $25 plus an extra 200 swagbucks.  Not a bad deal!

How do I know this?  Of course, I left my tablet running playing over and over again until I reached the Daily Limit.  In your account, it's listed as SBTV Mobile: EntertaiNow.  Since I use SBTV Mobile every day for 50 points, I'll get 140 just for Mobile viewing.

To earn more points, go to the GAMES link on Swagbucks and play "Ball Rain".  After the usual ads, click play, then click to start, you don't have to do anything else.  In under 10 minutes, opposed to 20+ minutes, you'll have your 10 swagbucks from games.

Also you might be interested in the "Encrave" activities.  The AOL YellowPages is my favorite to earn 2 swagbucks for putting in a word, press enter, go about your business (I usually refill my coffee cup) but stay on that page.  Wha-la = 2 swagbucks and you can do this several times.

There are other easy ways to reach your daily goal - ask me!

This month I have $75 in Amazon Gift Cards from Swagbucks, $10 in Amazon Gift Cards from Crowdtap and $10 from a rewards program.  The month isn't over yet and neither is my "earning potential"!   Not familiar with Crowdtap, ask me!  For only a few minutes a day you can "earn" Amazon Gift Cards and more.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The savings are heating up! 

Head on over to Saving With Elaine's facebook page.

Check out the posts from the past few days.  Want savings tips and tricks on how to save money as a way of life - Check out Saving With Elaine!  Reasonable rates!  Local or Nationwide!

Spots for assistance are going fast! 

Don't miss out!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Pay Less for Social Media

Some social media sites and services try to nickel and dime you for "extras." Watch out for those unnecessary upgrades, and be frugal about how you handle your social media.

Hootsuite is a free consolidation tool where you can post your announcements for Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn all in one place. Stick with the free version unless you have multiple people on your marketing team and want to control permissions and passwords. If you only have your spouse, or a trusted other person helping you, then just share your password with him/her for Hootsuite.

Facebook Ad Campaign. I've tried this, myself, while running an ad campaign for a chiropractor. I've found that for this type of campaign, there are pros and cons:
  1. You can control your budget, and on a daily basis. You can spend $7 or $3 or $300/day.
  2. There is allowance to get pretty hyper-local in terms of geographic demographics.
  3. You can choose which type of post/ad to create.
  1. While they claim that you can target demographics, this is an imperfect science (especially for the non-aficionado of marketing and advertising).
  2. Go big or go home applies to this, in my opinion. Don't throw spaghetti against the wall when it comes to running ad campaigns online (either Pay Per Click on Google or the Facebook Ad Campagins). If you can't go big, then maybe hire a Facebook guru to run the ad campaigns for you. Of course, this adds to your expense (paying the guru), but will ensure that you are not dabbling and wasting your money. sponsorhips, perks, and advertising. If you go to and are not an active participant (you should be! It's free and it's fun), then you might be tempted to go through the official business sponsor program and pay for your listings. See link above. Don't.

I recommend that you contact group organizers to present them with your offer. Contact them one at a time, be sincere, and be RELEVANT. This should go without saying, but common sense needs used, here. This will cost you a little more time, but save you a lot more money. The time is worth it, however, as you might begin to build relationships with these groups and evolve into other collaboration and growth opportunities. While Universal Business Listing (UBL) has multiple packages to choose from for syndicating your business listing online in search directories, just choose the Premium Package. In this case, going for Essential is not enough. If you are going to sign up for UBL, which is mandatory for all brick and mortar businesses, in my opinion, then get the Premium Package or don't do it at all.

Please note: UBL is mandatory, not optional. This is even more important than the yellow pages was in the old days. UBL's listing is the old-fashioned yellow pages on steroids. This is not optional.

This is not a complete list of how to pay less for social media, but should give you an idea of how to get started and what to watch out for when making a budget for your internet marketing activities. For more information or coaching around online marketing for your business (either just brand new and wanting to jump in the game, or an intermediate who wants to "step up" her game), contact Angela Schnaubelt or visit the Coach Angela website.

Saving With Elaine

It has been a LONG time since I've posted here.  There is a good reason.

I've been in the process of starting my own business!  This is good news, right?  Are your dollars stretching less and less lately?  Whose hasn't?  Let me help you!  

How can I help, you ask?  Are you unemployed, have no income, or just enjoy saving money?  

Visit my new website: Saving With Elaine

This is my new laptop - ask me how it only cost $12.79 out of pocket!

Please share my link with your friends!  I can help anyone, anywhere, anytime!

Friday, July 27, 2012

The Good News with Angie Austin - Links

Links Mentioned!

Thank you to everyone who listened and /or called in!  A special HUGE thank you to Angie Austin for the honor of being on her radio show.

We discussed some websites today that I use to earn Amazon Gift Cards for FREE!  Each site has their own format where you can watch videos, play games, take surveys as well as many other ways to "earn points" toward Gift Cards.  These sites have prizes, gift cards, money into your paypal accounts and others to "redeem" your "earn points".  I just love the Amazon Gift Cards because once you put the code from your "reward" into your Amazon account, they never expire.  If you are familiar with Amazon or not, it's free to register for  an account there.  You can order most anything.  My favorites are clothing, coffee makers, food and books just to name a few.  If you order $25 or more from Amazon, you can receive "Free Super Saver Shipping".  It's doesn't get much better than that!

Here are the links to the sites that I use:

If you have any questions, please send an email to OR leave a comment below!

Save Money and Live Well!

Tune in to hear my saving tips!

 Listen Live !
I have some REALLY GREAT NEWS! Tomorrow, Friday, July 27, I am honored to be a guest on The Good News with Angie Austin Radio Show out of Aurora, Colorado.  My segment will be on Saving Money and Money Tips as the "Saving Guru".

You can find the radio show at I will be the guest of Angie Austin between 4pm - 5pm (MDT).  For those who want to listen live -- it will be 6pm-7pm (EDT), 5pm-6pm (CDT), and 3pm-4pm (PDT).

Please tune in and listen and if you feel so inclined - there is a call in number - 303-477-2473.
Live Well and Save !

Monday, July 23, 2012

How to live frugally and still have a good time!

Live Well and Save!

I haven't posted in a very long time.  Sorry to those who may have missed me and my posts.

I've decided to change the format from unemployment to tips on saving money even though you may still be unemployed, or even have a job but it pays less than what you were used to making. I've saved and continue to save during hard times, and YOU CAN TOO!

In each post, I will describe how I have become self sufficient by using freebie sites, sites to "earn" Amazon gift cards (my favorite) and social media sites.

A little background on my success:

I began receiving freebies in my mailbox back in 2006.  I found ways to get free items because companies like us to "try their product".  Grocery shopping has always been an adventure with the use of sale fliers and coupons.  Have any of you ever wrote to a company about their product?  Did you write because you weren't satisfied OR did you write to them because you liked their product?  I do both with great success, most companies send me coupons for cents off or even a coupon for a free product during my next shopping trip.  Several times, thanks to friends, I have even gone on vacation with very low airfare.  You have heard of "buddy passes", haven't you?

In most recent years, I have taken on "big business" with complaints, displeasure by keeping a log of my calls and how I got what I wanted.  For example, back in October 2010, while I was unemployed, I went to Washington DC to speak at the RFK Pre-Event Rally to the bigger rally on the National Mall on unemployment and the need for jobs.  I paid for airfare round trip, hotel stay, and even a rental car - CASH!  In short, there were issues with my return flight home, yes, I wrote to the airline and was refunded the cost of my return flight because my connecting flight left without me and 3 others.  During that same trip, I had a huge problem with the rental car, yes, again I complained by calling the location where I rented the car then again to the Branch Manager when I returned the car.  My bill went from almost $300 to $100.  If you wish to read about that trip, see my blog post from November 2010 "The Misadventures that didn't keep us down".

Have you had problems with wireless carriers, places that you have ordered from or any business that you deal with?  I have fought with Verizon, DirecTV, and others including a bank.  Yes, I have won!  Again, in short, Verizon couldn't prove to me how some months I went over my limit of 5gb of data one month then the next month not go over.  I was using their mobile device on my laptop at the time.  I was released from my contract, and given several nice credits, additionally, was placed on a month to month no contract service until I could replace their service.  Cha Ching!  With DirecTV, I had a consistent problem after moving to a new home.  Complaint after complaint they finally (almost a year later) escalated the issue.  During that time of the many phone calls to technical service, I called their billing department and requested a lower rate that every new customer was receiving.  At that time I was not under contract with them.  Because of the issues I was experiencing, and a bit of firmness in my voice, again, I was rewarded with a lower service payment for the same service I had paid more for.  Cha Ching!!  Savings of $40 month!

The key to this is be assertive and LOG EVERYTHING!  Each time I did so, my wishes came true!  So can yours!

Recently, I was expecting two packages.  One package was being delivered that day from Amazon.  I was home waiting for this package and noticed on the tracking that it had been delivered to my rental office.  One item was needed that night.  Immediately, I called the delivery company - ONTRAC.  I explained to them what happened and that the delivery person NEVER rang my doorbell, instead they left a delivery notice by my mailbox and off to the rental office they went with my package. By the time I had noticed, the rental office was closed.  I wanted them to know that their employee was not doing their job.  Next, I called Amazon.  I explained to the customer service representative what had happened.  Without me asking, she offered and issued me a $10 credit to be used on my next order from Amazon.  THAT is GREAT customer service!  Cha Ching!  Next, I had explained to her that in one of my prior orders there was a product that was totally unsatisfactory.  She asked which product and the order number, which I gladly provided.  Again, my account had been credited for the amount of the product, and when I asked where to send the unsatisfactory product, she told me that I didn't have to return it.  Cha Ching!

These are things that I do and want to share the sites I use, and how I use them to get FREE items that I use everyday.

Do you buy cookbooks?  I used to but no more.  Another saving by using what you have in front of you - YOUR COMPUTER or tablet or smartphone.

Do you crochet or knit?  Why buy patterns?  I use websites to search for these.  They even allow you to subscribe to their newsletters filled with patterns to use, print or save.  Easy, right?

Are you on Facebook?  There are many different freebie pages that I subscribe to.  They post freebies and discount programs.

Do you cook and want to use your favorite grocery store ads with coupons and find recipes to use sale items in?   That alone is a huge savings!  Yes, there are FREE websites for that too!  They even send you emails to remind you to use their service.

Additionally, do you take medications regularly that you can not afford?  Perhaps you have no health insurance as well.  I have found several different approved places, within the United States, to get your medications in 90 day or 180 day supplies between $25 - $50.  Yes, you must be eligible within a certain income range for the size of your family.  Even if you are single, it isn't difficult to be eligible.  It took some time to finally get "with the program" but once you start receiving your medications, it's easy.  I can explain in detail where, what and how!

That will be the new format and content.  As always, your comments are always welcome!  If you have any tips of your own on saving money, please pass them on!  I'll post them with credit to you!

Lastly, you must have noticed the Swagbucks widget on the right side of my blog.  Do you have questions about it?  Surely, you want to know what I do with my swagbucks (points)!  In the next few blog posts, I'll be explaining about their site and others!  Everyone loves something for FREE!

Until next time ---- stay tuned!

Live Well and Save!
Speak up!