Friday, July 27, 2012

The Good News with Angie Austin - Links

Links Mentioned!

Thank you to everyone who listened and /or called in!  A special HUGE thank you to Angie Austin for the honor of being on her radio show.

We discussed some websites today that I use to earn Amazon Gift Cards for FREE!  Each site has their own format where you can watch videos, play games, take surveys as well as many other ways to "earn points" toward Gift Cards.  These sites have prizes, gift cards, money into your paypal accounts and others to "redeem" your "earn points".  I just love the Amazon Gift Cards because once you put the code from your "reward" into your Amazon account, they never expire.  If you are familiar with Amazon or not, it's free to register for  an account there.  You can order most anything.  My favorites are clothing, coffee makers, food and books just to name a few.  If you order $25 or more from Amazon, you can receive "Free Super Saver Shipping".  It's doesn't get much better than that!

Here are the links to the sites that I use:

If you have any questions, please send an email to OR leave a comment below!

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  1. Hi there ever tried Irazoo its another site that you can earn free amazon gift cards by doing every day searches.

  2. Here's my referral link to the site if your interested.

  3. Thank you Leo! I am aware of Irazoo. Will need to check it out. Swagbucks is my personal favorite because, in my opinion, I earn more points there and the $5 Amazon Gift Cards only cost 450 swagbucks. My favorite way to "earn points" is by doing surveys. If I do sign up for Irazoo, I will certainly use your link! :)

  4. Thank you mate!
    Personally I tried zoombucks, I really didn't like the pace of earning.
    Takes too much time to get something, currently i'm using both gifthulk and swagbucks, both are fast and good.

  5. Pompom - thank you for your comment! I've never tried gifthulk. Can you explain about it? Do you have a referral link? Is it as easy as swagbucks? I hear ya about zoombucks. I do like superpoints though - have you tried it? Please use my referral link if you do. Thank you!