Sunday, May 30, 2010

Honor those in Service

In Honor of
Our Service Men and Women

I'm suspending posting until Tuesday.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

The temperature got up to 99 degrees today. Gassed up my vehicle for the first time in over a month for $2.56/gallon for 85 Octane.

Notes from the Home Front

The cucumber plants got their first trip to the balcony today. They are really growing nicely and I think that I noticed that they might be sprouting some flowers soon. The pots of cucumber plants are back in the living room for the night as it is too cold, in my opinion, for them to be out there.

Unemployment News

I'm not quite sure about this article - House approves unemployment benefits bill
Legislation faces uncertain fate in Senate. Hopefully, it's good news for the long term unemployed, like me. Read about it here.

National News

Oil Spill

BP says one thing but the live feed from the pipe says another. Do you really think that the gusher of oil is slowing down or not? I believe it's not.

What is becoming of our country?

My Verizon Update

No email from Adrian stating that the contract on my air card is going to be terminated without payment of early termination fees. They are really trying my patience.

That's all from here, it's late, I'm tired.

As always,

Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Rich Get Richer, The Poor Might Die

Temperatures were up in the 90's today. At 11:30pm MDT, it's 72 degrees. Looks as though tomorrow will be more of the same. On the news tonight, they showed Donnor Summit in California where they got SNOW!

Notes from the Home Front

Too hot this afternoon to do any sawing out on the balcony, so the trellis didn't get made. Perhaps early tomorrow morning.

My blog today will be short .... because Nancy Pelosi and others may have just handed millions of people death sentences. What did WE do to deserve this?

My Verizon Update

I received a call today from a man named Adrian of Executive Services. He is about the 11th person I have talked to - that's to date. He informs me that my wishes will be honored. Before I believe this, I've asked for an email from him. I will double check on it. My whole Verizon story for the "world of internet" to see will be posted sometime soon.

Unemployment News

Tier 5: Pelosi Says No To More Weeks Of Unemployment Benefits - Read all about it here.

Another article: GOP kills Tier V | GOP Stalling on unemployment extensions - Watch the video of Pelosi in action and read the article here.

So I'll add any other line to my usual ending.


Keep making the phone calls, keep commenting and tweeting to your OVERPAID Senators and Representatives. CALL Nancy Pelosi and thank her for your death sentence.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Tornados Touch Down in Colorado

Early today the weather was hot and humid. We don't normally get high humidity here in Colorado. This afternoon and part of this evening we had tornado warnings, tornado watches and a tornado touch down up in the northeast area.

Notes from the Home Front

Not much to tell about today. Because of the high winds in my area, I was unable to cut the wood for the trellis on the balcony. I'm hopeful for tomorrow. The green pepper plants will need to be transplanted soon.

National News


I just can't believe this but - Senate Democrats Pass Bill Allowing Govt to Collect Addresses, ATM Records of Bank Customers. Why would they even want that information? Read it all.

BP - oil spill

An interesting article: What You Haven't Heard About BP!! Perhaps this tell it all.


No news on any bill passing. Many of us are feeling as though something might come through, yet others feel differently. Long term unemployment Tiers need to be passed.

Resume Tips

This article comes from the Resume Bear blog - Tips for Creating Resumes That Provide a Competitive Edge. Read about it here.

My Verizon Update

As you all may have guessed, the rep who called me yesterday didn't call as promised today. Tomorrow, I will call Kevin at the Corporate Office once again. Some one there better start getting it right. To add insult to injury, my Pantech UM175 and the Verizon software didn't want to work this morning. It took me about 20 minutes of doing a little troubleshooting to get online.

I'm a powerful consumer and Verizon will be sorry if my issues are not resolved.

As always,


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

XCel aka X-Tortion RAPING Us AGAIN!

Gorgeous day today, in the mid 70s. Blue skies and sun shining! Overall just nice!

Fun Fact of the Day

Today is Towel Day! Yes, Towel Day! Read all about it! Interesting!

Notes from the Home Front

Yes folks, I did get to Home Depot today. Instead of spending a ton of money on a pre-made trellis, I purchased some lattice pieces for 35 cents a piece. Since they are 4 foot, I will use 3 of them and then use the others for cross bars to tie my gladiolas to. Final cost: $2.27. Pictures forthcoming.

Soon I'll be transplanting the green pepper plants, they are really growing now. When I lived in NY, I had a friend who grew them, they had nice sweet red peppers all year round. That's my hope too!

National News

Environmental Protection Administration and Gulf Oil Spill

BAH! I say! The EPA is a classic example of why good people don't have jobs. It is also an example of poor organization, and LAZY employees. Don't miss out - this is a MUST READ article: Regulators Conducted Lax Oversight of Oil Industry, Report Uncovers - read it here.

Here's another story from CBS News: Big Oil's "Cozy Relationship" with Inspectors
My thoughts on this are that this is disgusting on all levels. Not only is the oil spill and what is being done ridiculous but the workers at EPA should be fired. There are many hard working people, such as myself and millions of others, who would LOVE to DO THEIR JOB! but we are out of work, and these horrible workers are getting paid. This is another MUST READ article found here.

Obama and Border Control

I believe that this came about due to the Arizona law SB1070 on illegal immigration. It's about time that our government takes the reins and protects our borders. The money that goes to illegal immigrants could pay for keeping our country afloat. At least there would be no debate about where unemployment funds would come from.

Read up on this: Obama To Send 1,200 National Guard To Border here.

Unemployment News

Petition to DC

The 99er’s Petition Delivered to Washington - not all is as it seems. Read all about it.

Obama calls for Stimulus II

Extra! Extra! This is a must read! Obama Administration Has Called For Additional Unemployment Insurance Included In Stimulus II - get an eyeball on it at US Unemployed Blog.

Tech News

Do you use WordPress for your blog? Interesting article on how to protect your blog from being hacked: 8 Free Plugins to Protect Your WordPress Blog from Being Hacked. The article is compliments of "Fried Beef". If you aren't signed up for their FREE emails - go to their page and DO IT NOW!

Local News

XCel - I call them X-Tortion!

XCel Energy aka X-Tortion is at it again. WHO gives them permission to hike up our rates? It's bad enough that they tack on almost 4x your residential usage in fees. This is an outrage. For those of you who use this monopolizing utility - call XCel, call DORA, call the PUC, call the governor, write to your state Senators and House Reps. Express your DISPLEASURE! If you need assistance with phone numbers or email addresses, please leave a comment and I'll post what you need. Don't lay down and allow XCel (X-Tortion) kick you!

Here's the story: Xcel Energy Launches 2-Tier Rate Plan For Summer. Read it here.


We all look for things to do when the weather becomes nice. Here are some ideas.


IKEA is coming to Denver! The store is slated to open in the Fall of 2011. The clearing of land has begun. One local news station stated that IKEA will employ 400 employees and will take applications online over this summer.

School Superintendents

Some of these superintendents, imho, are ridiculous. Did you know that some of them are TAKING raises while others in the district are being laid off or services for your children are being cut. SHAME!

I didn't get all the district names but here's a list:
1) Aspen - $15,844 went to Diana Sirko. She accepted this money even though there are cuts to her schools.
2) Mary Chesley refused her raise for this school year.
3) Eagle county superintendent received $15,750 on top of $175,000 salary.
4) Jefferson County's Cindy Stevenson will skip a $40,000 bonus.
5) Tom Boasberg is owed $70,000 from last year but has not made a decision on what he will do about it.

Comments and suggestions are always welcome. If you like my blog, please tell your friends. Thank you for reading along.

My Verizon News - Update

While in Home Depot, a Verizon Executive Services representative called to let me know that she's working on the issue. She'll call me back tomorrow. This is the 10th or 11th person I have talked to now. This issue has gone on for OVER a month. What happened to resolving the problem by the end of the phone call? More on this tomorrow.

As always,


Monday, May 24, 2010

Denver Investigations - horrendous!

Thank you to all my readers for understanding about me suspending my blog of last night.

Notes from the Home Front

Today, we were under High Wind Warnings. Trees were pulled right out of the place where they once stood, roots and all.

Because of the high winds, my trip to Home Depot will have to wait until tomorrow. While I was out to a doctors appointment, my vehicle was all over the road because of the wind.

The cucumbers and green pepper plants are really growing now. More pictures to come!

LOST - series finale

Here's an article on The story behind LOST finale (spoiler). What do you think of the ending? Was it a shock? Did you figure it all out before hand? Read what one writer wrote.

Local News

Denver, Colorado

Pinnacol Assurance

Last year, our no nonsense State Senator Morgan Carroll headed up an audit on Pinnacol Assurance. Because of the way Pinnacol has been listed by the state of Colorado, they are afforded "special treatment" (imho). In addition to Senator Carroll's audit, Channel 7 - ABC - did a news investigation on Pinnacol. This year, Ken Ross of Pinnacol took several board members to Pebble Beach for golf, wine tours and who knows what else. Apparently, by viewing the investigation (again by Channel 7), all these perks were paid for by Pinnacol Assurance. Read the article titled: 3 Pinnacol Board Members Go On Luxury Company Trip, CALL7 Undercover Investigation Questions Independence Of Governor-Appointed Board here. With so many people out of work, it's like a slap in the face.

Politics - Jane Norton - Senate candidate

For the locals who read my blog, WHY would anyone vote for Jane Norton? It is my opinion that she couldn't get out of her own way, if necessary. Her views are outlandish, and it's my belief that she will NEVER be able to stand up and defend her "campaign promises".

Read the article: Republicans who heckled Jane Norton at CD 5 assembly slammed as “losers”

Free Family Friendly Activities in Denver

Looking for some free family activities this summer? Look no further - click here to find some places and things to do for your family.

Colorado Wins Grant

This grant is for $17.4 million to be used for federal data tracking. What is federal data tracking, find out by reading the article. What is your feeling on this?

National News


Tom Tancredo (of Colorado) LOVES Arizona

With all the hub-bub about Arizona's law SB1070 and how many states and cities are boycotting by not traveling to Arizona - Tom Tancredo loves Arizona and you should too! Read all about it.

New Mexico

Although this article is from 2008, I think it really brings home and re-enforces the ideas on illegal immigrants and human trafficking. This article, New Mexico Attorney General Believes Trafficking Should Be Addressed at State Level, explains it all. Perhaps this was the real start behind Arizona's law SB1070. This is where you'll find the good read.

Employment Tips

Twitter Profiles to Follow

Did you realize that it is helpful to follow certain people/companies on Twitter? For employment, it's important to follow these Top 15 Twitter Profiles for Job Search. Find that list by clicking here.

10 Phases to Delete from your Resume

Another helpful article is 10 phrases you should ban from your resume. Read the article.

TweetyJobs is another job search site. Good article on their site Good News Bad News.

Unemployment News

There is no good news on unemployment. With only 3 more days for Congress to get something good in place for all of us without jobs and depending on unemployment - something needs to be done. Look here for what they REALLY do all day. Do you see anything to do with HR 4381?

My Verizon Update

On Saturday evening, with the help of one of Verizon's tech support people, we learned there was a bug in the broadband software.

Today, I called the Corporate Office in Manhattan AGAIN! I talked to another person there, going through the whole story again. He promises me that someone will call me back tomorrow. We'll see. I'm thinking that each and every one who has told me that just wants to get me off the phone. I already have all the information by emails and my logs to start some REAL problems for them.

I'm a powerful consumer and will not take much more of Verizon's nonsense.

Until tomorrow


Sunday, May 23, 2010


Tonights blog was
suspended due to the watching

After watching all these years

All I can say is:

I will continue with my regularly scheduled blog tomorrow.


Saturday, May 22, 2010

Unemployment, Oil Spill, Free Checklists

Temperatures were up in the 80s today. Gorgeous blue skies, and the sun was shining throughout the day.

Notes from the Home Front

The weather may have been good but the winds were up to 50 mph. I had the balcony door open about 5 inches while the wind was blowing. It blew so hard that my balcony screen door opened. With that, my plant stand fell over - what a mess that made. All is cleaned up but there was dirt everywhere. Thankfully no damage was done to the cucumber and green pepper plants. Because of the wind, it was my decision to stay home today opposed to going to Home Depot. Because of commitments for tomorrow, I'll get there on Monday.

Unemployment News

From the Oakland Press - Deal to extend unemployment benefits may be reached soon - from the Oakland Press. Congress goes on vacation again on May 27. I hope there is something in place before that. Last time they went on break, unemployment was supposed to be addressed and wasn't until they were back in session. To read the story from the Oakland Press - click here.

Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico

It makes me wonder WHY survivors of the oil rig fire would be "allegedly" held in seclusion and coerced into signing legal waivers. Something smells a bit fishy to me and that wasn't meant as a pun. Read the article entitled: Deepwater Horizon survivors allege they were kept in seclusion after rig explosion, coerced into signing legal waivers by clicking here.

Energy News

Do you know what is meant by using 1 kilowatt hour? What does it really mean? Read the article here, and find out how your home usage equates out. Very interesting article.


Are you the type of person who makes checklists for yourself? You know, those lists where when something is done, you check it off. There are some free checklists for everything you do, find that site here. Enjoy!

Not too much to tell about tonight.

My Verizon News - Update

For those of you who are techies and those of you who aren't so savvy, you may understand this. Today around 1pm, I used Windows Task Manager to close my VZManager for my air card (broadband) usage. I also closed other programs that I use while online. The ONLY online program that was left open was my email. At approximately 3pm, I saw an email come through. It surprised me because I had ended the process on my VZManager which would cause it to shut down completely.

Well guess what! After calling Verizon tech support, checking all the preferences etc., uninstalling the software, rebooting my computer, then downloading new software and checking to make sure that the usb device was working properly, the tech and I wonder why the usb "modem" is still active. Who would have thought that there was a bug in the software. Seems as though each time I thought I was shutting it down, in reality, I wasn't. Each time I have called Verizon I told them that this new software release wasn't working like the old version. This proves it, and no wonder I've been going over my 5 gig. The quick fix to the problem is to pull the air card (usb modem) out of the usb port to guarantee my internet connection IS disconnected. Who knew?

The tech I spoke with is going to research this problem, write up a ticket on the problem and will credit me should I go over the 5 gig this month.

Of course, being a strong-willed consumer, I have a list of agencies, etc. that will hear my complaints on this.

Anyone else out there have a Verizon air card?

So folks, that's a wrap!

As always,


Friday, May 21, 2010

Unemployment, Tech News, Resume Posting

It's 10pm and 67 degrees, although it feels much warmer than that. Was a gorgeous day today.

Notes from the Home Front

Tomorrow, there will be a trip to my local Home Depot for some lengths of 1 x4 wood to build a trellis for the gladiolas. Today, after putting them outside for a while, the wind blew them over and unfortunately, they look pretty sad.

I received another email stating the one of my applications is in the hands of the hiring manager, that makes two applications for the same place. Something has to give soon!

Employment/Unemployment News

Today, I saw a link to this story - Root Cause of Voters’ Revolt: Congress, Obama, GOP Ignore 11 Million Jobless, it comes to us via the blog at Please click here to read the whole article.

Borrowed with permission from Infoployment - they now have a Resume Distribution Service
One-Stop Resume Posting. This is fabulous news since their site gets a lot of traffic. You can check them out by clicking here. For everyone's convenience, I have added their site to my lists on the right of this page under (Un)Employment.

National News

Gay/Lesbian Rights

The South Bend Tribune Thinks Gay Couples Are Unfit for Print. Please boycott this paper because apparently they don't yet realize that gays and lesbians are people too, and VERY newsworthy. If you choose to read their article, please click here.

House Floor Proceedings

How would you like to work for 4 minutes on a Friday and get paid for a whole day? Sounds GREAT, doesn't it? Well today the House of Representatives did just that. I'm appalled!

Here is how their day went:
9:04 A.M. -
The Speaker announced that the House do now adjourn. The next meeting is scheduled for 12:30 p.m. on May 24, 2010.

ADJUSTMENT OF THE WHOLE NUMBER OF THE HOUSE - Under clause 5(d) of rule 20, the Chair announced to the House that, in light of the resignation of the gentleman from Indiana, Mr. Souder, the whole number of the House is 431.

PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE TO THE FLAG - The Chair led the House in reciting the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.

9:03 A.M. -
The Speaker announced approval of the Journal. Pursuant to clause 1, rule I, the Journal stands approved.

9:02 A.M. -
Today's prayer was offered by the House Chaplain, Rev. Daniel Coughlin.

9:00 A.M. -
The House convened, starting a new legislative day.

Local News

Andrew Romanoff

Those of you who live in Colorado know that Andrew Romanoff is running for Michael Bennet's US Senate seat. Today, Andrew gives his view on the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Credits for this story go to The Denver Post.

Romanoff wants oil companies to pay more after spills - read the entire article here.

Unemployment - segment by the Denver Channel ABC 7

Read on what Don Mares, Director of Unemployment has to say. Apparently, he doesn't understand that people who have lost their unemployment benefits have not been counted as still unemployed (if they are) and what percentage rate this would add to the "advertised" state rate.

On this page, State Jobless Rate Inches Up To 8 Percent State Rate 1 Percent Lower Than National Average, you will find a link to Unemployment by State, Tips on Job Survival, A story on which jobs are safest and one viewer story: I lost my job. To read the article and get information on the links - click here.

Tech News

Google's GMail

Great article from - How to Check if Your Gmail Account Has Been Hacked - nice instructional page with screen shots for checking your Gmail account. I strongly suggest you view the article.

My Fight With Verizon Update

Liz promised to call me today, even if she had no news from their data expert. Did I get a call? NO! This is how they treat a loyal customer of over 10 years. Next week, I will be exposing Verizon and my entire fight - this has gone on too long, my first contact on the issue of my air card was back in the latter part of April. For this issue, I will make a separate blog post. Within that blog post, I will expose employees by name as well as the emails and notes from my log.

There will also be a segment on my fight with Verizon on Fricking Fees and Amazing Deals.

That's it for another day!

As always,


Thursday, May 20, 2010

Grey's Anatomy - Season Finale

Nice day today, temperatures in the 70s, skies were blue, the sun was bright.

Notes from the Home Front

Plants are all doing well. The green pepper sprouts will need transplanting soon.

Do any of you watch Grey's Anatomy? Tonight is the season finale, the episode is two hours long. Good thing I was able to record it.

Unemployment News

I hadn't seen much chatter today about unemployment but there was an excellent article posted on US Unemployed blog. It's titled: Tier 5 Unemployment Emissaries Are Being Dispatched To Washington, H.R. 4213 May Be Coming To Final Passage, & For Millions, H.R. 4213 Currently Does Not Help Them and can be read by clicking here.

National News

It seems as though the oil is still spewing from the pipe in the Gulf of Mexico. It is my opinion that Ken Salazar, Department of the Interior, is not doing all he can to obtain information from BP.

Local News

Tonight, I attended a town hall meeting with a dear friend of mine. These town hall meetings are organized by State Senator Morgan Carroll, House Reps Su Ryden, and Karen Middleton. The topic for this meeting was "Tips to Save Money". The panelist came from a variety of backgrounds. It was an excellent time and a good learning experience.

Even though this years session is over, the Aurora Town Hall Meetings are held each month.

Consumer Issues

Verizon News

Since the corporate office didn't call me back, I called them. Spoke to yet another person, this makes 7 or 8 now (not including emails from a variety of others). She promises me that she'll call me tomorrow to advise what she has found out. As soon as there is a resolution, I will expose the problem I'm experiencing with Verizon in its entirety. Stay tuned folks - this is a doozy!

Hmm .. back to watching Grey's!

As always,


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Mexican laws - worse than Arizona

Today was another beautiful day in the neighborhood. A little bit of rain fell but otherwise, sun shining, blue skies and warm.

Notes from the Home Front

Today, I realized that a trellis is needed to hold the gladiolas up, I'm very sure that I can make one cheaper than buying one. When I do, of course, I'll take pictures of it. A trellis might also work well once the cucumber plants start sprawling out of their planters.

Tonight, I found this funny television show on CBS "I Get That A Lot". Celebrity guests act like regular workers in an assortment of stores. I think it's hysterical! Anyone else watch it?

World News

What you may have never known about Mexico's laws, but will now!

The following is an excerpt from the article: "Under the Mexican law, illegal immigration is a felony, punishable by up to two years in prison. Immigrants who are deported and attempt to re-enter can be imprisoned for 10 years. Visa violators can be sentenced to six-year terms. Mexicans who help illegal immigrants are considered criminals."

How about that? Read the whole article explaining how Mexican President Felipe Calderon denounced as "racial discrimination" the Arizona Law - click here.

So tell me - WHO has tougher laws on Illegal Immigration? Of course, I, personally, wouldn't ever think of going to Mexico to live there or even try to. Would YOU? All in all, I STILL applaud Governor Jan Brewer of Arizona and hope that SB1070 wakes up our government in Washington DC to act upon closing/securing OUR borders.

Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico

In other world news, what do you think should be done with BP? Why wouldn't the Coast Guard, a US of A entity not hand over the tapes of the oil spill since the day it happened? This is classic for our government and it REALLY bothers me. It is also my opinion from watching the tapes on Katie Couric's CBS report that there is a barely a difference between the oil spewing from the original break in the pipe and now that it is semi-plugged. If you've seen it, you'd know that you don't have to be an expert on the subject.

Unemployment News


Some people in Florida are happy tonight and actually might know where their next meal is coming from, others were not so fortunate. Continue to read the article entitled: Florida extends unemployment benefits, but not all are eligible, here.

Tier 5, Senator Reid and Passage of HR 4213

Quoted from the article: "The Tax Extenders bill (H.R.4213) that is likely to come before Congress sometime over the next week is the vehicle that will extend unemployment eligibility till the end of 2010. While that’s good news for millions who will benefit from knowing their unemployment won’t be ending till year’s end, it’s of little condolence to the millions who have and will exhaust their benefits."

Please read the whole article by clicking this link.

Representative Levin Predicts Action on Extenders by Week's End

The following is a quote from the article: "If the Republicans want to filibuster a jobs-tax extender bill that contains an extension of unemployment insurance, contains COBRA benefits, that provides reimbursements for the doctors that take care of Medicare patients, I'd like to see that," she said. "I'd like to see that debate on the floor of the Senate and I think that we do ourselves a disservice by not standing up and calling their bluff."

Read the entire article by clicking on this link.

My Weekly Phone Calls

Instead of making my regular phone calls today, I decided to take a different approach. Yesterday, on each Senators or Representatives page on facebook or in reply to a tweet by them, I commented and tweeted about the percentage rate of Colorado unemployment. I suggest we start taking more direct and drastic measures. In addition to commenting on their pages on facebook, I also posted a question for the television stations on their walls. Although, I wonder why The Denver Channel - ABC channel 7 - no longer has a wall to post on. I did find another way to post to them and received a comment from them in reply.

Tomorrow, I start on the newspapers!

In a way, I'm forcing them in public to report on this VERY important issue.

You've heard of Unemployment and Employment - Now we have Infoployment!

Today, in the midst of reading tweets, I came across a blog site named: iBlog |The Infoployment Blog, they are a Job Search and Interview Information Services Company. You might find them interesting, so click here and read. Tell them I sent you!

Local News

Yahoo Buys Denver Based Associated Content

According to the article, Associated Content was listed as being a creation of Luke Beatty in either 2004 or 2005 - the one article lists 2004 and another link from it listed 2005.

Associated Content is an online presence that offers freelancers a chance to telecommute while submitting original text, video, images and audio to their content website. Who knew? You can read about the sale and what Associated Contact is all about here.

Tech News

Online Privacy

Have you ever wondered about what information others can obtain on you? Check out your results by searching at I checked out my personal information there. Some of it is correct while much more of it is incorrect.

What will they think of next?

Consumer News

Verizon Wireless

After I receive a phone call tomorrow from the Corporate Office, I will expose the difficulties I have had with Verizon over a few weeks time.


While tweeting today, one of my fellow Tweeps was having an issue with their Mac Book and iPhone. This person tweeted about having a problem. I suggested that she call customer service back and ask for a technical supervisor, which she did. Yes, her problem was solved. YAY!

Never allow a customer service representative or anyone from "corporate america" push you around when you are calling them with an issue. Start a log, write down the date and time you called, and person's name. Write down why you called them, what happened on the phone call and if you were satisfied. Keep this log for future reference, you may need it in case the issue reappears. If you continue to get the "run-around", ask for a supervisor, and log it! If you still aren't satisfied, go higher to the Corporate Office as they might have an Executive Services department that WILL solve your problem. One thing that is VERY important to remember is that YOU the customer are contributing to the salary of the person who is a representative of the company you called. Don't let them forget that without you, there would be no job for them!

That wraps up another day of blogging -

As always,


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tuesday - we had hail!

The weather on the front range is getting warmer if you don't include tomorrow when the temps will dip to 61 for the high and rain. It was 74 degrees when I went to the grocery store today. This afternoon and evening until 9pm, my area was under Tornado watches and warnings. All we got was heavy hail coming down about an hour ago.

Notes from the Home Front

The cucumbers have definitely survived the transplanting. Surprise, surprise, there are about 6 little green pepper sprouts! Can't wait until the weather stays warm so that I can put them out on the balcony then reap the benefits from them. Homegrown, yummy!

It's been a busy social media day for me. Found some new Facebook pages on unemployment and added a few new friends there. Tweeting on Twitter has increased my followers there too. Some are regular people just trying to make a difference and many others are unemployed like me.

To add to this busy day, I received another rejection email from a job that I had applied for. If I printed them all out, the pile would be taller than me.

National News

Why doesn't this surprise me? Janet Napolitano, Homeland Security, is just outrageous!
An article: Napolitano Hasn't Reviewed 'In Detail' the Arizona Immigration Law She's Criticized
Can you believe it? Is this homeland security at it's finest? NO!
Read the whole article here. I had my thoughts on her, but NOW they are confirmed. Slap your forehead, Janet, say "DUH!".

A Charity You WANT to Know About

To the right of my blog post, visit the link for Operation Move to NC. If each person donated $1 to this worthy cause, the goal would be attained and best of all, when it is, you'll feel GREAT to know that you've helped families and single people to obtain employment and a place to live.

Unemployment News

From US Unemployed blogsite, a letter received from Senator Charles Schumer (D-NY) regarding Tier 5 was posted. Read that letter and other informative information here.

This next website could fall under National AND Unemployment News. Did you ever wonder what your US Representatives in Washington DC do all day? Thanks to either a person or facebook page for this one. The site is for the Office of the Clerk - US House of Representatives -


Read up on what your Representatives have been up to for the past 7 days. Click here.

Did you know that there is a website to obtain items like copies of the US Constitution, and other publications for FREE? Yes, by clicking here, you will be taken to the Heritage website. You'll find a lot of good information, you may or may not agree with what you see there. Definitely check it out.

Tech News

Do you enjoy reading those little booklets on Terms of Service from your cell phone carrier, cablevision carrier, or your bank? Of course, you don't and neither do I. They all use that nasty 4pt font so that we won't want to read it.

Never fear! There is a website for those updates. TOSBack keeps an eye on 56 website policies. Every time one of them changes, you'll see an update here.

Weather Extra

Tonight and tomorrow there WILL be snow in the mountains. It's almost June. I promise to go out and take pictures since many of you who have never been to Colorado are probably saying to yourselves "is she crazy?". Actually, I'm not. There is snow on the mountains that are 14,000 feet from September/October to July/August. Down on the "front range" we enjoy temperatures from the mid 70s to over 100 degrees during the Spring, Summer and Fall.

That's it for tonight folks! Is there anything that I can add to my blog? I was thinking of adding a daily recipe.

My other thought was to use my blog or start another one to help those who are unemployed. Resumes could be posted - no address necessary - and I could promote the blog for prospective employers and recruiters. Let me know your thoughts! Any kind of help is good.

As always,


Monday, May 17, 2010

Another Manic Monday

Well folks, the temperature got up to 75 today but again there is snow in the forecast for the higher elevations. Tonight, down on the "front range" we have heat lightning crossing the skies. It's really rather eerie.

Notes from the Home Front

So far, the replanted cucumbers are doing well. There are 5 new sprouts in the green pepper pot. I sat outside on the balcony today and started reading Nelson DeMille's "The Gate House".

Unemployment News

There is a website for signing a petition that will go to President Obama and Congress on the expiration of unemployment benefits. Please SIGN the petition here, write your own comments and personal note, read the comments of others.

I have signed it and as well, wrote comments and a personal note to both the President and Congress. The following were my comments and personal note:

where are these jobs supposedly created? In Colorado all I see is construction - I'm 53 y/o and unable to use a jackhammer! Where are the jobs? You know, I'll tell you - they are mostly GOVERNMENT jobs in and around Washington DC. Are you willing to write KSA's and give me a job? how about relocating me?

I've been unemployed for OVER a year. Where are MY 99 weeks? Why hasn't anyone corrected the percentage rate of unemployment to include people who have LOST unemployment benefits and are STILL unemployed? Why? I'll tell you ... because you don't want to give anything more except for spending where you don't need to! That's why! Well this will show up as higher welfare payouts, etc. WE WANT JOBS!

And to add insult to injury, if you call the unemployment line, you either get a recording telling you to call back at some other time, OR you get to be on hold for up to over an hour. As if you weren't stressed enough for being out of work.

For more information on unemployment, check out the blogsite of US Unemployed. Link here.

National News

New York Governor considering 10,000 layoffs. Read about this and how he wanted to furlough state workers here.

Colorado has been doing "furlough days" for about a year, perhaps more.

I attribute this "habit" to mismanagement of tax money and funds from the American Reinvestment Act among other funding.

Here in Colorado, Governor Ritter's administration, I believe it was his chief of staff, signed off on jobs last year that weren't "immediate need jobs". There was a check off box to show the immediate need for some jobs, most he didn't even check off. More on the travesties of Colorado, there have been government workers who were on administrative leave with full pay, while these workers wanted to return to their jobs, they were unable. WHY? Because the state hired "duplicate" workers to fill in at the same rate of pay. Resource - The Denver Channel investigations.

In other National News, there was another bank show down in Washington DC, on K Street. Live video was shown on the website. To find information on that, click here.

Twitter News

I have "met" some of the most interesting people on Twitter this week and gained nearly double my followers. Mostly there is one thing in common - #unemployment, #recession, #jobs. I'd love to have everyone add some hashtags that you use when twittering. They could be anything - please list the hashtag and what you use it for in the comments section below.

Between applying for jobs, worrying about where my next money will come from, when I'll find a proper job, it's been an exhausting day.

So again, I'll bring this days blog post to an end.

As always,

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Nice day to do some transplanting!

Not too much to say this evening. It was 68 degrees today, sun shining, blue skies dotted with a few clouds. Each evening the sun shines a bit longer, being a "sunshine gal" this is pure happiness.

Notes from the Home Front

Replanting two wax begonias, and those tender cucumber plants took every bit of energy out of me. While replanting the cucumber plants to thin them out to other pots, wouldn't you know it - I ran out of potting soil and had to get more. At the Dollar Tree, 8 pound bags of potting soil is only $1.00, I purchased four of those and 5 more pots. All the long ones (picture posted previously) were sold out. Pictures will be included in this blog post. In the picture below, yes, those are gladiolas up against the balcony door. On the plant stand are two ivy plants and a spider plant.
Guess what is sprouting! Did someone say "green peppers"? Yes, absolutely correct, just two of them now. As the cucumbers and green peppers grow, pictures will be taken and posted to show progress.

Colorado News

Today, Mega Millions lottery tickets went on sale for the first time today in Colorado. Now we have the state lottery, Powerball and Mega Millions.

Channel 7 had an investigation segment on the high cost of ambulances. A man requested a quote for the ambulance to pick him up and bring him to the hospital, he was quoted $600. The actual bill was for $1398.00 (no typo).

Introducing New Website

What if you could give a family a home, children an education and their parents a job by donating $1.00? Will you please help to give a struggling family a future?
Please check out the website, you'll be really glad you did!

Unemployment News

It seems that our Senators and Representatives care more about National RV (recreational vehicle) Month than they do about the millions who are suffering because unemployment benefits are being lost left and right. National RV Month will not provide shelter, food, clothing and other necessities once benefits are lost. Furthermore, we can't afford to go RV'g. Does anyone care?

World News

In Tokyo, a robot named I-Fairy performed a wedding ceremony. The groom was responsible for the robot.

That wraps up another day ..... until tomorrow.

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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Housecleaning Day

The weather was nice all day, so nice that I ate breakfast and had kawfee out on the balcony. For the past hour or so, there has been lightning yet no thunder or rain. No snow in the forecast but the western part of the state is under tornado warnings and severe wind and weather.

Notes from the Home Front

As the title says, today was housecleaning day, floors and carpets vacuumed, floors steam mopped, all the granite countertops are shiny, and all furniture dusted. I'm exhausted.

What a surprise I had. There are more green pepper plants coming up! Finally! Tomorrow, I'll transplant the cucumber plants and the wax begonias. There was just no time to get to it today.

Unemployment News

The 99ers have a petition being delivered to Washington DC. Hopefully, unemployment benefits will be extended. I was thinking it over today and have about 2 more checks from unemployment until my benefits run out. May 27 is creeping up upon us.

Colorado News

No word on whether Governor Ritter signed or vetoed the revisions on the sex offender bill that I mentioned yesterday.

Tech News

For those of you who use only an anti-virus software for keeping your computer safe from viruses, you may want to add MalwareBytes Anti-Malware too. You can download the program for free by using this link. I run this program every other day in addition to my regular anti-virus program.

Do you have pictures on your computer? Are they all disorganized? To keep them organized and in one place, I suggest the use of Picasa. Picasa is free photo editing software from Google that makes your pictures look great. Sharing your best photos with friends and family is as easy as pressing a button. Find it here. Picasa 3.6 is for Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7.

As always,

Friday, May 14, 2010

Here comes the weekend!

No snow last night! YAY! The weather is comfortable today and the sun is out. Good day to relax on the balcony with a cup of kawfee (spelled in NY accent) and a good book. Do you read? What are your favorite authors? Mine are James Patterson, Nelson DeMille and Jeffery Deaver.

Notes from the Home Front

I had moved in February to a better neighborhood and to save myself some money. I love the people in the rental office here. They are very intelligent and try very hard to keep the area - annoyance free! Today, a new neighbor had their stereo on blare with the base up really loud. It's horrible when others are not considerate of those living around them. It only took ONE email to resolve the problem. I LOVE IT HERE!

After trying unsuccessfully to reach Ohio State University, this morning I called the Colorado State University regarding the transplant of the little cucumber plants. Who knew that there is an extension office in my county? I spoke to a lady named Lisa who was so VERY helpful. Not only did she address the transplanting of the cucumber plants but also answered questions about my houseplants. In addition, Lisa directed me to some helpful websites for every thing planted. I may have to purchase more long planting pots - Dollar Tree here I come - again! Looks like some of my friends will be getting cucumber plants.

Unemployment News

Today, there was an article in the Janesville, Wisconsin Gazette. It is a call for comments and phone calls to a reporter if you are/have been unemployed for over a year. Find the article by clicking on the link. Make the call, I did, or write to I'm sure Anne Marie would very much appreciate if you read the article first before calling or writing.

Thank you to one of my fellow Tweeters for this link - who says unemployment is costing the government too much? Click here for proving them wrong!

The Move Over Law

Did you know that there is one? I didn't. I received an email from a friend describing the law. A link will be provided so that you can check on the law in your state. From reading the article, when there is a police car on the side of the road with another car stopped, you must change lanes away from them OR slow down to 20 mph. Every state except Hawaii, Maryland and Washington DC has this law. In California, the "Move-Over" law became operative on January 1, 2010. Read the article by clicking here.

Sex Offenders in Colorado and other places

It's my personal opinion that HB1364 of Colorado and the revisions of it are unethical for many reasons. The Denver Channel (channel 7 - ABC in Denver), and CBS 4 Denver (channel 4 - CBS in Denver) both had stories and/or videos on this bill. I'm including links to those as well as the bill itself. The wording that was being removed was "no known cure". After speaking with a friend about this law, we discussed a segment on "sex offenders" which aired on the show, Inside Edition. In the Inside Edition show, we learned about McNeil Island which is located just about one hour outside of Seattle, Washington. It is also known as Sex Offender Island, like a modern day Alcatraz. I couldn't find anything on the CBS 4 Denver website on the story but it was on the news this evening.

Does a leopard change his/her spots? Is there a cure for sex offenses? Many are constantly repeating their offenses, do you like that one could be your neighbor, or a person living 2 blocks from you - how about the ones who are on the registry but don't abide by the rules? Does your state go out and find these people? Probably not.

To the Senators and Representatives of Colorado - WHAT WERE YOU THINKING? The bill has gone to the Governor's Desk as of last night. My hope is that he doesn't sign it and gives out a huge VETO.

Here are the links:
Bill HB1364 - see how your Senator or Representative voted and read the bill
Denver Channel 7 - for some reason I can't put a link in but if you go to and enter these words "Law Allows Sex Offenders To Pick Their Own Punishment" you'll find the video
Inside Edition article
article published on MSNBC via the Colorado Springs Gazette

While looking at the bill HB1364, and on the "votes" section, see how your Senator or Representative voted. If you disagree with their votes, write or call them. If you need email addresses or phone numbers, please leave a comment and your email address. I'll get them to you.

To the Senators and Representatives of Colorado:

I am truly ashamed of those who voted yes on the bill - some of you I really trusted - perhaps that's going to change!

And to a close the post has come - WEATHER UPDATE: snowing on the western slope and in the higher elevations

As always,

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Thursday is tv watching night!

We had more snow last night but this time it didn't accumulate. Today's weather was cold and rainy, while I was out the high was around 53 degrees. Tonight's weather report states that the higher elevations over 6500 feet will have more snow but rain below that. Guess I'll have to take my camera out with me and take pictures of all the snow on the mountains.

Notes from the Home Front

There is still only one lonely green pepper plant growing, hoping that others will break through the soil soon. Green peppers at the store today were 48 cents each. Tomorrow, I'll try calling the Master Gardener at Ohio State but if I don't get through, there are alternatives. I was told today that one college in Colorado has a horticulture and crop department. I noticed tonight that the cucumber plants have a third leaf growing on them. Once the weather changes where it'll be warm all the time, the gladiolas will have a new home on my balcony.

Unemployment News

I received word today from "Tier V to Survive" that a reporter from the Huffington Post has written two articles on the plight of unemployment. One article can be read by clicking here.
I'm seriously hoping that the war isn't lost. We are a group of millions who just want to go back to work at a job where our efforts are appreciated. Probably others will agree, but at least for myself, I'm just asking for respect with a decent position with a decent wage.

Kids on Airlines, and in Fine Dining Restaurants, Kids almost Anywhere

Have you ever been on a long flight where some child is playing in the aisle, or screaming or even in the seat behind you while kicking the back of YOUR seat? A while ago, there were many articles, and surveys on this subject. I found a good article on kids and flying, and even though it is listed by the LA Times as an "opinion" piece, I have to totally agree - read it here.

There was an article in CNN regarding children in fine dining restaurants. It's my opinion that when I am out eating, whether it be in a Burger King or one of those swanky restaurants where you pay for ambiance, unruly children that are allowed to run around screaming at the top of their lungs for attention should not be allowed. What's your opinion on this? For the CNN article, use this link.

Again, my opinion, parents need to have better control over their children in stores. Have you ever been at a rack looking at shirts or blouses and have a child go running through the clothing almost hitting into you? Let me fill you in, it's BAD!

Does anyone have a story to share regarding unruly children and where the parents think it's just fine?

From the "Just When You Thought You Heard Everything" Chronicles

Who would have thought that Former 1st Lady Laura Bush would have a positive attitude regarding gay marriages and abortion. It is true and after reading that I hope you, dear readers, didn't fall over and get hurt. To read the revealing article from the Huffington Post - use this link.

It's late, been a long day - so as my daily closing goes -
As always,

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Another Hump Day!

There was snow falling last night fast and furious. Total accumulation was approximately 1-2 inches but as of this writing it has all melted.

Notes from the Home Front

I did call the number obtained from Ohio University of the Master Gardner but they are only in the office on Mondays and Fridays between the hours of 9am-noon and again on the 1st Wednesday of each month from 4pm to 7pm. I'll have to find another way to get information on the cucumber transplant.

There has been no additional news on application statuses for jobs.

Wednesday is phone call day

I have made the appropriate phone calls to Colorado's US Senators and Representatives. Today, it came to my attention that some staff members are uninformed or just don't know what their politician stands for. Is this becoming a problem? My opinion is YES! Other staff members are very informed and pass along good information. Thank goodness for them.

Here are the results of my calls: Please note that the comments written under each politicians name are short comments written so that I understood what I was told. Also, I told each staff member that their comments would be written on my blog (yes, I read the comments back to them for clarity).

Michael Bennet - call (202) 224-5852 DC office
- unknown stand on Tier 5 extension
- will pass on my comments
- mentioned US of A first before Greece bailout

Mark Udall - 202-224-5941 DC office
- does not know his stand on Tier 5 extension
- will pass comment on
- mentioned US of A first before Greece bailout

- Diana DeGette - District 1 (202) 225-4431
- have not received email from last weeks phone call
- will pass along comments to Diana
- mentioned US of A first before Greece bailout
- doesn't know stand on Tier 5 and extensions

- Jarod Polis - District 2 (202) 225-2161
- re: Tier 5 bill is on floor - taking time to read bill before voting on it
- will pass on my comments

- John Salazar - District 3 (202) 225-4761
- will send my comments to John
- mentioned US of A before Greece bailout

- Betsy Markey - District 4 (202) 225-4676
(personal comment - this staff member was knowledgeable and interesting)
- not sure of how she is voting on extensions on unemployment - checking with someone else - Tier 5 is not on the floor at this time. She is supporting further unemployment because people are hurting now
- still creating jobs creation
- IMS - International Monetary System is funded by other countries as well as the USA and that is where a bailout for Greece will come from

- Doug Lamborn - District 5 (202) 225-4422
- doesn't know what his stand on Tier 5 is
- voted negatively on other unemployment extension issues
- full support of taxes cuts and relief for small businesses and individuals - has co-sponsored bills on this
- never voted on tax increase

- Mike Coffman - District 6 (202) 225-7882
- has concerns over it - Tier 5 - will look it back over
- job creation - is for it

- Ed Perlmutter - District 7 (202) 225-2645
(personal note - this staff member was partially rude)
- job creation - doesn't know - refer to website
- Tier 5 - no information

Home Depot and Customer Service

The customer service in my local store is EXCEPTIONAL. Everyone that I came in contact with was more than helpful and friendly. It was nice to be approached when looking for a variety of items.

In my search for a nice sized patio set for my balcony, one had been found through Home Depot's email advertisement. That same day, I called and ordered it - this patio set was inexpensive compared to others I had seen in other stores both in person and online and best of all, FREE SHIPPING. I received the patio set in a few days, it's sturdy and comfortable.

Today, I called to pay my bill, can you imagine that they were going to charge me $14.95 to process my payment! Somethings are best done online or by going to the store to save money.

To my surprise, the customer service in the store, on the order line, and when calling to make a payment was given with the utmost respect for the customer.

Do you have a store like Home Depot that you'd recommend to others?

Received from ProgressNow Colorado via email

With the 2010 Colorado legislative session coming to a close, here is a list of winners and losers among your Colorado State Representatives and Senators--who stood up to do right by their constituents and our state's future, versus those who devoted the session to pandering and disingenuous partisan politics. We are proud of the hard work done by our progressive majority this session, from renewable energy and clean air to improving health care. Please enjoy this brief summary of those you have to thank--and those you don't.


Bobby Clark
Executive Director


Gail Schwartz - The Green Machine

An undisputed leader on green jobs bills this legislative session, and a key supporter of renewable energy and clean air legislation. Gail Schwartz's bravery in 2010 will benefit all of Colorado for generations to come.

Bruce Whitehead - Freshman of the year

Sponsor of two of the most important bills in recent memory, the Clean Air Clean Jobs Act and House Bill 1001 (renewable energy standards), Bruce Whitehead has emerged as an inependent power in the Senate--and forceful advocate for his Southwest Colorado district.

John Morse - The most courageous man at the Capitol

Senator John Morse carried legislation to bring health care jobs to underserved communities. He was a strong advocate for criminal justice interests. And above all, Morse was fearless in calling out the right wing on their disingenuous tactics and misrepresentations throughout the session.

Sara Gagliardi - The best friend of health care jobs

Three bills sponsored by Rep. Gagliardi this session: HB10-1138 and SB10-058, concerning student loan reimbursement for health workers, and HB10-1415 in support of health worker safety, demonstrate her commitment to protecting patients, health care workers, and the industry as a whole.

Dianne Primavera - Cancer fighter extraordinaire

Rep. Primavera sponsored HB10-1252, which mandated that mammograms be made available to all women regardless of age. She sponsored legislation to better cover medication for specific cancers, and above all sponsored Senate Bill 10-002, fighting insurance company claim denials.

Debbie Benefield - Education specialist

Rep. Debbie Benefield has sponsored too many excellent education bills to count over the years. This session, her work on early childhood education and preserving K-12 funding in the present recession were as much as her constituents could ever ask for. And her popular gift card consumer protection bill shouldn't be overlooked, either.

Max Tyler - The House's freshman star

Rep. Max Tyler has quickly established himself as one of the most thoughtful and articulate members of the Colorado House. His leadership on House Bill 10-1001, the renewable energy standards bill, was key to its success.

Al White - The Budget Pragmatist

Republican Sen. Al White, a member of the Joint Budget Committee, dramatically pled with fellow Republicans to support the hard choices made to balance this year's budget. White ultimately did not succeed in convincing his colleagues to put principle over partisanship, but he deserves credit for trying.


Senate Minority Leadership

Under Senate Minority Leader Josh Penry's leadership, what might have been a useful and constructively engaged minority turned into cynical right-wing "no" chorus. The Senate Minority is now composed of ideologues who came over from the House--Dave Schultheis, Bill Cadman, Kevin Lundberg, and Ted Harvey, together with the new generation of crazy, Scott Renfroe and Mike Kopp. Add that to Penry's pandering, trafficking false information and extremism, and endless invective at the majority on the taxpayer dime, and you've got the whole sorry picture.

Cory Gardner - The "King of Self-Inflicted Wounds"

Cory Gardner seems to be too busy jetting off to Washington D.C. for fundraisers to represent his constituents this year. Gardner missed at least six days of the legislative session in order to campaign for office. Of course, When Gardner does manage to show up, it's not much better for his rural Eastern Plains district, as with his vote to cut the already-underfunded Agriculture Department.

Ellen Roberts - Damage Control #FAIL

Ellen Roberts is a politician who tries, and fails, to be everything to everyone. Faced with a challenge from her right, Roberts sponsored a terrible bill from the insurance industry that would have stopped attempts by other legislators to improve health care in Colorado. Despite her pandering to the far right, Roberts is still in danger of losing to a Tea Party candidate.

Kevin Lundberg - Worst Poster Child Ever

Lundberg needs no introduction. One of the Colorado General Assembly's most outspoken climate change deniers and general purpose right wing radicals, Lundberg had a big legislative session this year--trashing the League of Women Voters, defending Xcel Energy (a monopoly) in the name of the "free market," and condemning as "socialism" a budget that was in fact cut by hundreds of millions of dollars.

Spencer Swalm - "Mr. Compassion"

Known in the legislature as the #1 water carrier for the insurance industry, insurance agent-by-day Spencer Swalm never missed an opportunity to fight against improving access to health care, and even suggested that instead of a tax break for the poor, we should tell them to not "have babies out of wedlock."

Dave Balmer - Returns (some) calls

Dave Balmer has one of the more interesting backgrounds of any of the right wingers in the legislature, but as an elected official in Colorado's legislature he has proven to be shamelessly corrupt and beholden to the interest he raises money from. This year, Balmer actually interrupted a hearing to call a major donor on his cell phone for advice on a vote.

Shawn Mitchell - The "Beavis and Butthead" Prize

No list of "losers" from a Colorado legislative session is complete without Shawn Mitchell. Starting with disruptive and unstatesmanlike behavior during the Pinnacol hearings late last year--even making degrading remarks about the underwear of female Senators--to his insistence on dragging petty electioneering onto the floor of the Colorado Senate, Mitchell takes "boorish" to new and truly embarrassing levels.

The one person I don't see on the WINNERS list and should be is Senator Morgan Carroll of District 29. Anyone who knows her, she is an asset to our state and to her constituents.

Cell Phones, Texting and Driving

Channel 9 News (Denver) has their Great Hang Up campaign. Oprah Winfrey has her No Phone Zone Pledge.

While I agree with the pledges and have been irritated by many cell phone users on the road, in my case, I use a cell phone headset and/or bluetooth and have since they were available. The worst thing to me is to have to hold my phone while driving - I just don't do it. As for texting, (I don't like texting, period!) no one should text and drive - how stupid are people to take their eyes off the road and not pay attention to what is going on around them?


From CNN, Anderson Cooper reports on AC 360 - Arizona Bans "ethnic studies", read the bill here.

Have comments? Please use the comment box below!

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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Some call it "Tribal Tuesday"

Is anyone else as confused as I am watching the final episodes of LOST? If you get it, what is it all about lately, please fill me in! I've watched it from the beginning and this season is just too confusing to continue to watch.

So my readers and friends, another day is slowly coming to a close. I've asked a few people for suggestions regarding my blog and have decided to change it a bit - please let me know if you like the changes or not. No change is forever in the blog world.

Notes from the Home Front

This morning while looking through my emails, there was an email regarding a position I had applied for a considerable time ago. My resume made it through the screening process and is in the hands of the Hiring Manager. I'm really excited about this. I do hope to hear something soon. Even though this is good news for me, there are so many others who are not so fortunate, it's heartbreaking.

Tomorrow, for sure, I'm calling the Master Gardner at Ohio State University - Horticulture and Crop Sciences - the cucumber plants are getting too big for the long planter they are in. The gladiolas are still growing and have reached a height of 1/3 up the balcony door. The lonely green pepper plant has no others in sight.

It's been raining for the past few hours and my area is slated for some snowfall about 1-4 inches, while other parts of Colorado near the Wyoming border will get up to 24 inches as of tonight's forecast. I just saw lightning and heard thunder.

Unemployment News

Tomorrow is my day to make phone calls again to my US Senators and Congress people. I strongly suggest others do the same. Do it on behalf of yourself or someone you know who is presently/still unemployed. Names and phone numbers for your state can be found at this link.

Online Reputations

Continuing from where I left off, "Mary" continues her efforts in online harassment of "John", his family and myself. There might be countless others too. It should be known that there are laws against "cyber-bullying". Don't allow these things to happen to you! Be aware of who your friends are online and how they act.

As always,