Thursday, May 6, 2010

My allergies are killing me today!

Notes from the Home Front

I woke up today with the runny, half stuffy nose, watery eyes and an annoying cough. Apparently, the blooming trees, which are beautiful, are having an adverse affect on me. It took almost an hour to get my eyes to focus correctly. I've taken just about everything on the market and some prescriptions for this, none of these seem to work. Getting poked and feeling prodded through allergy tests is not something that I want to do. Any suggestions? One of those "homemade or natural" suggestions would be best.

The cucumber plants will be re-potted today, once they started to sprout up through the dirt from seed, they have really grown in a short amount of time. The green peppers haven't really started to come up but I'm looking forward to when they do. Green peppers in the grocery store are outrageous in price ... I've seen anywhere from 79 cents to $1.00 EACH! Wondering how onions would grow in pots, that would save me even more money. Has anyone planted other vegetables on the balcony?

Your suggestions are appreciated!

While browsing through the gadgets that can be added to my blog site, I found several for CNN news. Anderson Cooper is an amazing reporter, he'll be in Tennessee today to report on the devastation from the flooding. It is my opinion that he gives the most accurate reporting on issues and what is going on - live - in and out of our country. Any suggestions on gadgets? I really don't want anything in another language nor world clocks or calendars.

Unemployment and Federal/State Taxes

Another issue, it's bad enough that we are unemployed but to slap us in the face with Federal and State tax taken out could even be worse. This year I made out better by having NO federal or state tax taken out of my unemployment benefit. While on unemployment, as a bonus, we should not be expected to pay Federal and State taxes.

More on the "unemployment slap", states have adopted JPM Chase visa cards to put your unemployment benefit on. This causes a HUGE problem if you don't have a branch in your neighborhood, and you can be assured that you will be losing your unemployment money on FEES. More on that as soon as more research is done on it. Does your state do this? Colorado does but we have the option of a "Chase card" OR direct deposit. Bet you know which I decided on.


Please visit a wonderful blog site for more on fees that we should be aware of and avoid at:
While there you can listen to the numerous podcasts that are summarized by the blog. I can promise you that you'll learn something there.

Great Customer Service IS expected!


In the past year, my bank has been the worst in all the years I've been with them combined (almost 10 years). Why can't anyone pay attention anymore?

The first time, when I requested that a check be deposited while I sat at the drive-thru (I even WROTE on the back "for deposit only"), the tube came back with an envelope of CASH! Imagine my surprise that a clearly marked document including me telling the teller - DEPOSIT! I wonder how this happens but it has to deal with "attention to detail" and the lack of it.

The next time this problem of lack of attention happened at my bank was - in short - that money should have gone directly back into my account from a closed account (yes, at the same bank) and instead came to me by CHECK! What part of DEPOSITED BACK means MAILED CHECK? On this issue, I had made several phone calls, then asked to speak to each supervisor because what I was told by several customer service reps didn't seem believable. After the many phone calls, I went to my local branch and explained AGAIN my story that started out at her branch and to the point of where it was. When she called the service department and announced herself as a "store manager" she was given the same consideration and lousy service as I had received. We "thought" the situation was fixed until I had inquired to my bank via email - NOPE! At least my branch manager noticed my frustration and shared in it. Although it wasn't much, she did offer, which I took, a $10 gas card for my time and troubles.

Do others also experience these problems?

What does "loyal long time customer" really mean?

When I went to deposit the check, at the same local branch, I inquired about their "rewards program". I had two different answers that day from two different people at the bank. When I got home, I had to call the corporate office and inquire about which was true. After one more phone call, I received the correct answer. Why do we have to go through this?

The result - after calling the corporate office of my bank, I wrote a follow-up email to the CEO, about a week later a letter arrived by "snail mail" from an office in Portland Oregon. This letter did not really "make my day" instead the tone was .... so big deal, we are apologizing, and now will impose more fees to make your life miserable. Sheesh!

So on to the other duties of the day ...

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