Thursday, May 6, 2010

If you "Tweet", it's Follow Friday #FF

I'd like to thank you all for following my blog. Having followers is a huge honor for me.

News from the Home Front

This morning, I have made a few phone calls and received some as well. On Monday, I have an interview! WOW! Incredible! The vacancy that I will interview for is in training. For the past 5 years, that's been a part of what I have done.

After searching the internet for articles on re-potting cucumber plants, there was one article that was close to what will help me. The Ohio State University - Horticulture and Crop Sciences. I obtained the phone number for the "Master Gardener" while on the phone with the university and will call him regarding the transplant of my little tender plants. More on that later ..... I missed out on calling today (because of the time difference) but will definitely call on Monday for advise on what to do.

On the unemployment front, though, nothing has changed and it appears as though our US Senators and Congress people will happily go on vacation leaving those of us who are running out of unemployment benefits 'out on the clothesline' to dry up and go away. Don't stop calling and writing .. STAND UP AND BE HEARD!

Shortened URLs

For the past year or so, people have been posting links to pictures, articles and websites via shortened URLs. What I have observed from these is that you can't tell where you are really being directed to. You all know that when hovering over a link it will show the address of where you will land. While I respect that Twitter, by use of TweetDeck, gives you the option to shorten a url, how do we know what the long address was? In recent time, I am guilty of shortening urls but it is my belief that once you trust a person, there should be no problem clicking on the link unless you suspect that the persons account has been hacked.

Until today, I never knew that there was a way to view the original address with shortened URLs. Some valuable information on knowing the original web address from shortened urls - on links add a "+" to the end of the link and you can see the original link and how many people have clicked on it, for links add a "-". A huge thank you to Jason who provided that information.

Something disturbing

"Tensions are rising at a California high school (Live Oak High School) where five students were sent home for wearing American flag T-shirts on Cinco de Mayo." Fox News reporter, Joshua Rhett Miller, reported.

You can read the whole article by clicking here. What are your comments on this story? Should the students wearing American flagged shirts been sent home or not? It makes me wonder what would have been done if school was in session on July 4th and students went to school wearing the Mexican flag on their shirts. Do you think that the school official who stepped in was acting prematurely in his actions?

It doesn't bother me that "ethnic" groups want to show support of the countries that they've come from - ie: St Patrick's Day Parade, Columbus Day Parade. Yet, on those days, people wear shirts of any style and nothing is considered to be tense.

My opinion is that increased exposure to laws etc. regarding illegal immigrants have spurred on these occurrences.

English as an Official Language

As I have noted in another post, English is the official, by law, language of Colorado (where I live) but did you know that it is the official language in over 35 states here in the US. You may wish to click here and check the law for your own state. Perhaps this is why those students felt it was "politically correct" to wear proudly their shirts with American flags on them. California IS an English speaking state.

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