Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Wednesday is make the phone calls day!

Another gorgeous day outside, blue skies, trees blooming in all their bright colors! This alone can brighten a persons spirits. My cucumber plants are about 4 inches tall now and need replanting!

Here are the results of my phone calls today!

Yes, I keep handy a document with all my US Senators, US Representatives phone numbers and in addition the names and email address of all my State Senators and State House Representatives. If you're in Colorado and want my list, please ask! I make it a habit to share information!

With that said, my first phone call was to the White House! Yes, folks, I call them too! Since I had written to President Obama about a year ago through the comments section on the White House page (link) and hadn't received a reply, my question was "how DO I get a reply and a visit to the White House to meet with President Obama and VP Biden?". The reply was to write a letter, and send it via 'snail mail'. The address is: The White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington DC 20500. It is encouraged that you send your letter by express mail and mark it with the words "Urgent" and/or "Attention: President Obama". My letter will go out at the latest early next week.

From the Great State of Colorado, we have 2 US Senators and 7 Representatives in Washington DC who are supposed to be doing good work for their constituents. I called each and every one of them today. While calling each of these politicians, I realized that some of their staff members are VERY savvy, intelligent and on top of the issues. (you both know who you are and I thank you). Others couldn't give me more than "I'll pass your information/comments along", one took my email address.

I asked each office questions on what was going to be done with unemployment and what their individual politician was doing about it, I expressed my displeasure with my state politicians for defeating SB10-039, a job re-training scholarship program that I mentioned here on my blog just this week. Also, when speaking with each staff member I mentioned that the percentage rate of unemployment in my state is NOT correct. The way to get an actual percentage rate is to monitor those persons who have run out of unemployment benefits and are still unemployed. When that is done, the percentage rate of unemployment is actually HIGHER than advertised. Why can't anyone do a COMPLETE job in calculating this?

Even though during these conversations more may have been said, the comments as I logged them are NOT word for word but in a rough style that I could reference later.

What my Senators and Representatives think!

Again, my little comments are notations that I made from conversations with STAFF members and NOT from any conversation with each politician.

Michael Bennet - call (202) 224-5852 DC office
- unemployment YES

Mark Udall - 202-224-5941 DC office
- voicemail or press 1 for staff
- doesn't know stand on unemployment
- working wall street

- Diana DeGette - District 1 (202) 225-4431
- will get an email on her stand on unemployment

- Jarod Polis - District 2 (202) 225-2161
- will forward my comments on unemployment

- John Salazar - District 3 (202) 225-4761
- will send my comments to John

- Betsy Markey - District 4 (202) 225-4676
- trying to make jobs

- Doug Lamborn - District 5 (202) 225-4422
- will pass along my comments regarding unemployment and extensions

12:00 noon
- Mike Coffman - District 6 (202) 225-7882
- credits for business, stop the spending, and give more to constituents

- Ed Perlmutter - District 7 (202) 225-2645
- intent of the leadership to do something about unemployment

So dear readers, make yourself heard too! Use this link for finding your US Senators, Representatives and Governors to make calls for your state.

What to do with Wall Street

It's my expressed opinion that Wall Street shouldn't have received ANY bailouts. They made this mess, they should have been told to buck up and make things right. Instead, they were given YOUR money and MINE, has anything really gotten any better? If you agree that they haven't, and if you use Twitter, use #bankshowdown and take some time to read. THEY still OWE US money! Perhaps they should have been allowed to fold, then have the crumbs swept under the rug (so to speak).

If you are angered by Wall Street, use the following links to obtain their addresses and phone numbers to call and write to them!

For JPM Chase: Chase CEO emails - found at

For Wells Fargo: and executives

For Bank of America: BoA CEOs

For Citibank:

Now it's time for me to get on with other things on my list .....

Comments are welcome!

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  1. Great blog. I have one question regarding the calls you made regarding unemployment, did you specifically make an inquiry about their position on adding additional weeks or another Tier for those who have exhausted or are about to exhaust all unemployment benefits or did you pose a general question about unemployment & job creation? Seems many members of Congress aren't even clear themselves regarding the most recent Emergency Legislation and the fact that the extension of unemployment benefits did nothing for those like myself rather it only extended the time frame in which one could move to the next level or Tier. The use of the word extension and the rhetoric used misled us into thinking additional weeks would be added or extended since all the previous Emergency Unemployment legislation did so when it fact it did not. That came as an unpleasant surprise to many and there with little or no time to react. Not sure if it was the media's fault or if the legislation was presented purposely to obscure the fact that thousands of Americans were falling off the radar.
    Thank you.

  2. CATagorical,

    Thank you for commenting on my blog!

    I asked about extensions on unemployment and the adding of another Tier. Also, as I wrote in my blog today, explained to them how to correct the percentage rate of unemployment in each state, in particular, Colorado since I live here. Personally, I have about 6 weeks of unemployment left and no idea what I will do after that. As for whether it's the media or legislation fault, I don't know but I'm sure that both are walking around and reporting with blinders on. OR with what I normally say, they are drifting down the "River of DeNial" with no direction or oars.

    Next Wednesday I will make more calls and direct my questions with some of your comments.

    After speaking with all those staff members I may have some of them reading along. Hopefully, and I encourage this, they will comment too!

    We have to STAND UP and BE HEARD together! I'm only one person but you won't find me laying down and taking this abuse. By abuse, I mean companies who only have unpaid internships so that the work gets done without them having to pay or hire someone, job postings that are bogus. These same companies need to learn that "skilled and talented" workers can't work for $10-$12/hr and still be able to survive and pay back the now deferred student loans.

  3. I wish more Americans were like you. Creative, active, proactive, and in touch with your "leaders". Why corporate America doesn't want to hire people like you is beyond me. VERY depressing, but I'm proud of you. Keep doing what you are doing!

    Hey, how did that interview go?

  4. I blogged about the interview, and haven't heard anything yet. If I don't hear by tomorrow, I'll call them.

    Laying down and crawling in a hole is not my style! Every Wednesday I make phone calls to my US Senators and Reps, and might be stepping that up to 2x a week.

    As for corporate America, perhaps they aren't ready to have a smart, get the job done, organized leader in their employ. It's a shame.