Sunday, May 16, 2010

Nice day to do some transplanting!

Not too much to say this evening. It was 68 degrees today, sun shining, blue skies dotted with a few clouds. Each evening the sun shines a bit longer, being a "sunshine gal" this is pure happiness.

Notes from the Home Front

Replanting two wax begonias, and those tender cucumber plants took every bit of energy out of me. While replanting the cucumber plants to thin them out to other pots, wouldn't you know it - I ran out of potting soil and had to get more. At the Dollar Tree, 8 pound bags of potting soil is only $1.00, I purchased four of those and 5 more pots. All the long ones (picture posted previously) were sold out. Pictures will be included in this blog post. In the picture below, yes, those are gladiolas up against the balcony door. On the plant stand are two ivy plants and a spider plant.
Guess what is sprouting! Did someone say "green peppers"? Yes, absolutely correct, just two of them now. As the cucumbers and green peppers grow, pictures will be taken and posted to show progress.

Colorado News

Today, Mega Millions lottery tickets went on sale for the first time today in Colorado. Now we have the state lottery, Powerball and Mega Millions.

Channel 7 had an investigation segment on the high cost of ambulances. A man requested a quote for the ambulance to pick him up and bring him to the hospital, he was quoted $600. The actual bill was for $1398.00 (no typo).

Introducing New Website

What if you could give a family a home, children an education and their parents a job by donating $1.00? Will you please help to give a struggling family a future?
Please check out the website, you'll be really glad you did!

Unemployment News

It seems that our Senators and Representatives care more about National RV (recreational vehicle) Month than they do about the millions who are suffering because unemployment benefits are being lost left and right. National RV Month will not provide shelter, food, clothing and other necessities once benefits are lost. Furthermore, we can't afford to go RV'g. Does anyone care?

World News

In Tokyo, a robot named I-Fairy performed a wedding ceremony. The groom was responsible for the robot.

That wraps up another day ..... until tomorrow.

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