Thursday, May 13, 2010

Thursday is tv watching night!

We had more snow last night but this time it didn't accumulate. Today's weather was cold and rainy, while I was out the high was around 53 degrees. Tonight's weather report states that the higher elevations over 6500 feet will have more snow but rain below that. Guess I'll have to take my camera out with me and take pictures of all the snow on the mountains.

Notes from the Home Front

There is still only one lonely green pepper plant growing, hoping that others will break through the soil soon. Green peppers at the store today were 48 cents each. Tomorrow, I'll try calling the Master Gardener at Ohio State but if I don't get through, there are alternatives. I was told today that one college in Colorado has a horticulture and crop department. I noticed tonight that the cucumber plants have a third leaf growing on them. Once the weather changes where it'll be warm all the time, the gladiolas will have a new home on my balcony.

Unemployment News

I received word today from "Tier V to Survive" that a reporter from the Huffington Post has written two articles on the plight of unemployment. One article can be read by clicking here.
I'm seriously hoping that the war isn't lost. We are a group of millions who just want to go back to work at a job where our efforts are appreciated. Probably others will agree, but at least for myself, I'm just asking for respect with a decent position with a decent wage.

Kids on Airlines, and in Fine Dining Restaurants, Kids almost Anywhere

Have you ever been on a long flight where some child is playing in the aisle, or screaming or even in the seat behind you while kicking the back of YOUR seat? A while ago, there were many articles, and surveys on this subject. I found a good article on kids and flying, and even though it is listed by the LA Times as an "opinion" piece, I have to totally agree - read it here.

There was an article in CNN regarding children in fine dining restaurants. It's my opinion that when I am out eating, whether it be in a Burger King or one of those swanky restaurants where you pay for ambiance, unruly children that are allowed to run around screaming at the top of their lungs for attention should not be allowed. What's your opinion on this? For the CNN article, use this link.

Again, my opinion, parents need to have better control over their children in stores. Have you ever been at a rack looking at shirts or blouses and have a child go running through the clothing almost hitting into you? Let me fill you in, it's BAD!

Does anyone have a story to share regarding unruly children and where the parents think it's just fine?

From the "Just When You Thought You Heard Everything" Chronicles

Who would have thought that Former 1st Lady Laura Bush would have a positive attitude regarding gay marriages and abortion. It is true and after reading that I hope you, dear readers, didn't fall over and get hurt. To read the revealing article from the Huffington Post - use this link.

It's late, been a long day - so as my daily closing goes -
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