Monday, May 17, 2010

Another Manic Monday

Well folks, the temperature got up to 75 today but again there is snow in the forecast for the higher elevations. Tonight, down on the "front range" we have heat lightning crossing the skies. It's really rather eerie.

Notes from the Home Front

So far, the replanted cucumbers are doing well. There are 5 new sprouts in the green pepper pot. I sat outside on the balcony today and started reading Nelson DeMille's "The Gate House".

Unemployment News

There is a website for signing a petition that will go to President Obama and Congress on the expiration of unemployment benefits. Please SIGN the petition here, write your own comments and personal note, read the comments of others.

I have signed it and as well, wrote comments and a personal note to both the President and Congress. The following were my comments and personal note:

where are these jobs supposedly created? In Colorado all I see is construction - I'm 53 y/o and unable to use a jackhammer! Where are the jobs? You know, I'll tell you - they are mostly GOVERNMENT jobs in and around Washington DC. Are you willing to write KSA's and give me a job? how about relocating me?

I've been unemployed for OVER a year. Where are MY 99 weeks? Why hasn't anyone corrected the percentage rate of unemployment to include people who have LOST unemployment benefits and are STILL unemployed? Why? I'll tell you ... because you don't want to give anything more except for spending where you don't need to! That's why! Well this will show up as higher welfare payouts, etc. WE WANT JOBS!

And to add insult to injury, if you call the unemployment line, you either get a recording telling you to call back at some other time, OR you get to be on hold for up to over an hour. As if you weren't stressed enough for being out of work.

For more information on unemployment, check out the blogsite of US Unemployed. Link here.

National News

New York Governor considering 10,000 layoffs. Read about this and how he wanted to furlough state workers here.

Colorado has been doing "furlough days" for about a year, perhaps more.

I attribute this "habit" to mismanagement of tax money and funds from the American Reinvestment Act among other funding.

Here in Colorado, Governor Ritter's administration, I believe it was his chief of staff, signed off on jobs last year that weren't "immediate need jobs". There was a check off box to show the immediate need for some jobs, most he didn't even check off. More on the travesties of Colorado, there have been government workers who were on administrative leave with full pay, while these workers wanted to return to their jobs, they were unable. WHY? Because the state hired "duplicate" workers to fill in at the same rate of pay. Resource - The Denver Channel investigations.

In other National News, there was another bank show down in Washington DC, on K Street. Live video was shown on the website. To find information on that, click here.

Twitter News

I have "met" some of the most interesting people on Twitter this week and gained nearly double my followers. Mostly there is one thing in common - #unemployment, #recession, #jobs. I'd love to have everyone add some hashtags that you use when twittering. They could be anything - please list the hashtag and what you use it for in the comments section below.

Between applying for jobs, worrying about where my next money will come from, when I'll find a proper job, it's been an exhausting day.

So again, I'll bring this days blog post to an end.

As always,


  1. I like the way you give a perspective of personal ,national, social media etc, keep up the posts

  2. Thank you! Most of my blogging are items that may have touched my life that day.

    Do you have any suggestions? Something more that you'd like to see?