Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Rich Get Richer, The Poor Might Die

Temperatures were up in the 90's today. At 11:30pm MDT, it's 72 degrees. Looks as though tomorrow will be more of the same. On the news tonight, they showed Donnor Summit in California where they got SNOW!

Notes from the Home Front

Too hot this afternoon to do any sawing out on the balcony, so the trellis didn't get made. Perhaps early tomorrow morning.

My blog today will be short .... because Nancy Pelosi and others may have just handed millions of people death sentences. What did WE do to deserve this?

My Verizon Update

I received a call today from a man named Adrian of Executive Services. He is about the 11th person I have talked to - that's to date. He informs me that my wishes will be honored. Before I believe this, I've asked for an email from him. I will double check on it. My whole Verizon story for the "world of internet" to see will be posted sometime soon.

Unemployment News

Tier 5: Pelosi Says No To More Weeks Of Unemployment Benefits - Read all about it here.

Another article: GOP kills Tier V | GOP Stalling on unemployment extensions - Watch the video of Pelosi in action and read the article here.

So I'll add any other line to my usual ending.


Keep making the phone calls, keep commenting and tweeting to your OVERPAID Senators and Representatives. CALL Nancy Pelosi and thank her for your death sentence.

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