Tuesday, May 25, 2010

XCel aka X-Tortion RAPING Us AGAIN!

Gorgeous day today, in the mid 70s. Blue skies and sun shining! Overall just nice!

Fun Fact of the Day

Today is Towel Day! Yes, Towel Day! Read all about it! Interesting!

Notes from the Home Front

Yes folks, I did get to Home Depot today. Instead of spending a ton of money on a pre-made trellis, I purchased some lattice pieces for 35 cents a piece. Since they are 4 foot, I will use 3 of them and then use the others for cross bars to tie my gladiolas to. Final cost: $2.27. Pictures forthcoming.

Soon I'll be transplanting the green pepper plants, they are really growing now. When I lived in NY, I had a friend who grew them, they had nice sweet red peppers all year round. That's my hope too!

National News

Environmental Protection Administration and Gulf Oil Spill

BAH! I say! The EPA is a classic example of why good people don't have jobs. It is also an example of poor organization, and LAZY employees. Don't miss out - this is a MUST READ article: Regulators Conducted Lax Oversight of Oil Industry, Report Uncovers - read it here.

Here's another story from CBS News: Big Oil's "Cozy Relationship" with Inspectors
My thoughts on this are that this is disgusting on all levels. Not only is the oil spill and what is being done ridiculous but the workers at EPA should be fired. There are many hard working people, such as myself and millions of others, who would LOVE to DO THEIR JOB! but we are out of work, and these horrible workers are getting paid. This is another MUST READ article found here.

Obama and Border Control

I believe that this came about due to the Arizona law SB1070 on illegal immigration. It's about time that our government takes the reins and protects our borders. The money that goes to illegal immigrants could pay for keeping our country afloat. At least there would be no debate about where unemployment funds would come from.

Read up on this: Obama To Send 1,200 National Guard To Border here.

Unemployment News

Petition to DC

The 99er’s Petition Delivered to Washington - not all is as it seems. Read all about it.

Obama calls for Stimulus II

Extra! Extra! This is a must read! Obama Administration Has Called For Additional Unemployment Insurance Included In Stimulus II - get an eyeball on it at US Unemployed Blog.

Tech News

Do you use WordPress for your blog? Interesting article on how to protect your blog from being hacked: 8 Free Plugins to Protect Your WordPress Blog from Being Hacked. The article is compliments of "Fried Beef". If you aren't signed up for their FREE emails - go to their page and DO IT NOW!

Local News

XCel - I call them X-Tortion!

XCel Energy aka X-Tortion is at it again. WHO gives them permission to hike up our rates? It's bad enough that they tack on almost 4x your residential usage in fees. This is an outrage. For those of you who use this monopolizing utility - call XCel, call DORA, call the PUC, call the governor, write to your state Senators and House Reps. Express your DISPLEASURE! If you need assistance with phone numbers or email addresses, please leave a comment and I'll post what you need. Don't lay down and allow XCel (X-Tortion) kick you!

Here's the story: Xcel Energy Launches 2-Tier Rate Plan For Summer. Read it here.


We all look for things to do when the weather becomes nice. Here are some ideas.


IKEA is coming to Denver! The store is slated to open in the Fall of 2011. The clearing of land has begun. One local news station stated that IKEA will employ 400 employees and will take applications online over this summer.

School Superintendents

Some of these superintendents, imho, are ridiculous. Did you know that some of them are TAKING raises while others in the district are being laid off or services for your children are being cut. SHAME!

I didn't get all the district names but here's a list:
1) Aspen - $15,844 went to Diana Sirko. She accepted this money even though there are cuts to her schools.
2) Mary Chesley refused her raise for this school year.
3) Eagle county superintendent received $15,750 on top of $175,000 salary.
4) Jefferson County's Cindy Stevenson will skip a $40,000 bonus.
5) Tom Boasberg is owed $70,000 from last year but has not made a decision on what he will do about it.

Comments and suggestions are always welcome. If you like my blog, please tell your friends. Thank you for reading along.

My Verizon News - Update

While in Home Depot, a Verizon Executive Services representative called to let me know that she's working on the issue. She'll call me back tomorrow. This is the 10th or 11th person I have talked to now. This issue has gone on for OVER a month. What happened to resolving the problem by the end of the phone call? More on this tomorrow.

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