Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Where did Monday go?

It's amazing and almost startling that in one day I gained 13 followers on Twitter.

Stand up and Be Heard!

I can see where this is helping to make a difference in someone's life or a few lives. No matter how small or insignificant something might seem to you, when you exercise your right to Stand Up and Be Heard, people really seem to notice. It's like that snowball that starts out small but rolls downhill and transforms from that small ball of snow into something much bigger. Getting news out or perhaps it's just your opinion, is like that small ball of snow. One person sees it, and shares with their friends, one of their friends sees it and so on and so forth - your news and/or opinion has traveled a long way. Amazing! and sometimes in less than a "New York minute".

How has this become possible?

For many years, I could only express my feelings and concerns about everyday life or concerns with friends when in a group .... in person. Since most every household now has a computer, the audience has become bigger with sites such as: Facebook, Twitter, chat, and any others that you can think of. Who knew, thanks to Twitter, that we'd be using hashtags to follow "tweets" on jobs, even ones in specific locations. Hashtags are also used for grouping information in world, national and state news. Just about everyone knows something about "social media" and how to get the most bang out of it. Facebook has given me a place to catch up with long lost high school friends as well as make new friends. Since Facebook doesn't limit you to 140 characters, a user can share articles found at such sites as CNN or a local news station. OR you can "like" these sites and get posts from friends, news sites, fun pages that you "fan", er, "like". More so, similar to Twitter, new, interesting people are just a click away. These people may share the same interests as you do or they might be people who you will agree to disagree with. Either way, there is something to learn from each "friend".

Social Media a learning experience!

Today, I have learned something new. For those of us who are unemployed, and suffering from the recession, on Twitter we can use hashtags such as #unemployment and #recession. I've also learned that there are MANY blogs out there on these subjects. A suggestion was made to network our blogs and "advertise" them. This way, we can get specialized information on unemployment issues in particular states opposed to others, and get information on what to do as a collective or where to write or call for major impact.

While reading some of the "tweets" from people advertising job openings, today they were mostly on the east coast and in the states bordering or close to Washington DC. Are these ONLY government jobs that are being created?


  1. Thanks for the hashtags idea. I will have to start playing with that, like #consumer and see what comes up! :)

  2. I've made a small file with hashtags of interest that I can share with you. Perhaps I'll include it in a blog post.