Monday, May 10, 2010

Just another manic Monday

I'm a bit later than I wanted to be with posting my blog tonight.

Notes from the Home Front

I had an interview for a position in a busy call center today. The two ladies who interviewed me where very nice and described the position perfectly.

When I woke up though, because this weather is just a killer, all I did was cough, sneeze and blow my nose. It was apparent to me that these allergy symptoms may have had to be addressed during my interview. Does anyone else find that a bit embarrassing? Or do you think it gives the idea that you are sick other than having allergies?

Because of the timing of the interview, and the time zone difference, my call to Ohio State University - Horticulture and Crop Sciences Department will need to wait until tomorrow. Meanwhile, the cucumber plants are almost 5 inches high. There is still only one little green pepper plant coming up. I do hope there will be more soon.

Not sure if this has been mentioned or not, but I also planted gladiola bulbs and the plants are growing like weeds. It'll be interesting to see them bloom up against my balcony door while still in the living room.

In local news, it's going to snow tomorrow night. To the west, north and south of me they expect anywhere from 6 to 36 inches of it. I would expect that IF we get snow in my area, it'll melt quickly as the roads are warm. It was 70 degrees + here today.

News Stations and News Stories

While watching a local program this morning, the newscaster incorrectly reported information within his story. Tonight, on one of the local news stations, another story was reported incorrectly. Because it's my belief that the news should be an up-to-the-minute correct information vehicle. I wrote to both of them citing their inaccuracies and inserted the correct information with links. What would you have done? Perhaps I'm cursed with my ability to pay attention to detail.

Unemployment, Twitter and the Use of Hash-tags

I'm sure you are all familiar with the Sonny & Cher song "The beat goes on". Well on the unemployment front it seems as though the beat has almost died and is taking millions of us with it.

This morning I received a phone call in reply to an email I wrote regarding being a part of a documentary on people who have been unemployed for over a year. It was a nice conversation, even though they were really looking for people in the New York City area. Who knows, they might expand the area outside of New York. Anyway, the woman who "interviewed" me and I used to live in the same town in New York, what a small world!

For those still looking for work, I recommend using Twitter. Tonight, I participated in the "twitterchat" under #jobhuntchat. There are many good people there and they offered up some really great advice. You might want to check it out. Other hash-tags that might be useful are ones for the city you reside in or the city where you are looking for work, add another hash-tag #jobs. You may also wish to do a search in the area of your expertise. During the "twitterchat", I also learned of another place to share your Linked In profiles - #HiringFriday is found on Facebook.

Phone call Wednesday

It's almost that time again to contact your state US Senators and Congress people. Remember to make your phone calls and to write to the major news stations regarding Tier 5 to Survive and how we need this before they go on another break.

And as always -


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