Friday, May 14, 2010

Here comes the weekend!

No snow last night! YAY! The weather is comfortable today and the sun is out. Good day to relax on the balcony with a cup of kawfee (spelled in NY accent) and a good book. Do you read? What are your favorite authors? Mine are James Patterson, Nelson DeMille and Jeffery Deaver.

Notes from the Home Front

I had moved in February to a better neighborhood and to save myself some money. I love the people in the rental office here. They are very intelligent and try very hard to keep the area - annoyance free! Today, a new neighbor had their stereo on blare with the base up really loud. It's horrible when others are not considerate of those living around them. It only took ONE email to resolve the problem. I LOVE IT HERE!

After trying unsuccessfully to reach Ohio State University, this morning I called the Colorado State University regarding the transplant of the little cucumber plants. Who knew that there is an extension office in my county? I spoke to a lady named Lisa who was so VERY helpful. Not only did she address the transplanting of the cucumber plants but also answered questions about my houseplants. In addition, Lisa directed me to some helpful websites for every thing planted. I may have to purchase more long planting pots - Dollar Tree here I come - again! Looks like some of my friends will be getting cucumber plants.

Unemployment News

Today, there was an article in the Janesville, Wisconsin Gazette. It is a call for comments and phone calls to a reporter if you are/have been unemployed for over a year. Find the article by clicking on the link. Make the call, I did, or write to I'm sure Anne Marie would very much appreciate if you read the article first before calling or writing.

Thank you to one of my fellow Tweeters for this link - who says unemployment is costing the government too much? Click here for proving them wrong!

The Move Over Law

Did you know that there is one? I didn't. I received an email from a friend describing the law. A link will be provided so that you can check on the law in your state. From reading the article, when there is a police car on the side of the road with another car stopped, you must change lanes away from them OR slow down to 20 mph. Every state except Hawaii, Maryland and Washington DC has this law. In California, the "Move-Over" law became operative on January 1, 2010. Read the article by clicking here.

Sex Offenders in Colorado and other places

It's my personal opinion that HB1364 of Colorado and the revisions of it are unethical for many reasons. The Denver Channel (channel 7 - ABC in Denver), and CBS 4 Denver (channel 4 - CBS in Denver) both had stories and/or videos on this bill. I'm including links to those as well as the bill itself. The wording that was being removed was "no known cure". After speaking with a friend about this law, we discussed a segment on "sex offenders" which aired on the show, Inside Edition. In the Inside Edition show, we learned about McNeil Island which is located just about one hour outside of Seattle, Washington. It is also known as Sex Offender Island, like a modern day Alcatraz. I couldn't find anything on the CBS 4 Denver website on the story but it was on the news this evening.

Does a leopard change his/her spots? Is there a cure for sex offenses? Many are constantly repeating their offenses, do you like that one could be your neighbor, or a person living 2 blocks from you - how about the ones who are on the registry but don't abide by the rules? Does your state go out and find these people? Probably not.

To the Senators and Representatives of Colorado - WHAT WERE YOU THINKING? The bill has gone to the Governor's Desk as of last night. My hope is that he doesn't sign it and gives out a huge VETO.

Here are the links:
Bill HB1364 - see how your Senator or Representative voted and read the bill
Denver Channel 7 - for some reason I can't put a link in but if you go to and enter these words "Law Allows Sex Offenders To Pick Their Own Punishment" you'll find the video
Inside Edition article
article published on MSNBC via the Colorado Springs Gazette

While looking at the bill HB1364, and on the "votes" section, see how your Senator or Representative voted. If you disagree with their votes, write or call them. If you need email addresses or phone numbers, please leave a comment and your email address. I'll get them to you.

To the Senators and Representatives of Colorado:

I am truly ashamed of those who voted yes on the bill - some of you I really trusted - perhaps that's going to change!

And to a close the post has come - WEATHER UPDATE: snowing on the western slope and in the higher elevations

As always,

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