Thursday, May 20, 2010

Grey's Anatomy - Season Finale

Nice day today, temperatures in the 70s, skies were blue, the sun was bright.

Notes from the Home Front

Plants are all doing well. The green pepper sprouts will need transplanting soon.

Do any of you watch Grey's Anatomy? Tonight is the season finale, the episode is two hours long. Good thing I was able to record it.

Unemployment News

I hadn't seen much chatter today about unemployment but there was an excellent article posted on US Unemployed blog. It's titled: Tier 5 Unemployment Emissaries Are Being Dispatched To Washington, H.R. 4213 May Be Coming To Final Passage, & For Millions, H.R. 4213 Currently Does Not Help Them and can be read by clicking here.

National News

It seems as though the oil is still spewing from the pipe in the Gulf of Mexico. It is my opinion that Ken Salazar, Department of the Interior, is not doing all he can to obtain information from BP.

Local News

Tonight, I attended a town hall meeting with a dear friend of mine. These town hall meetings are organized by State Senator Morgan Carroll, House Reps Su Ryden, and Karen Middleton. The topic for this meeting was "Tips to Save Money". The panelist came from a variety of backgrounds. It was an excellent time and a good learning experience.

Even though this years session is over, the Aurora Town Hall Meetings are held each month.

Consumer Issues

Verizon News

Since the corporate office didn't call me back, I called them. Spoke to yet another person, this makes 7 or 8 now (not including emails from a variety of others). She promises me that she'll call me tomorrow to advise what she has found out. As soon as there is a resolution, I will expose the problem I'm experiencing with Verizon in its entirety. Stay tuned folks - this is a doozy!

Hmm .. back to watching Grey's!

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