Sunday, May 2, 2010

In today's news (current events), my opinions and other ramblings

Spring has finally sprung! In the quiet neighborhood where life is as good as it gets, the trees are blooming with colors of bright greens, pinks and shades of red. The lawns are rich with newly grown thick green grass hiding the brown spots left by the winter cold and snow.

With so much beauty around us, it's still devastating to know that there is so much wrong in this country, the world.

As I sip my coffee and read some of the headlines of the day from CNN. It should be noted that the old saying (as I remember it) - "just when you think things are ok, you find they aren't". It seems as though New York is under terrorist threat again. Times Square, SUV, smoke, propane tanks, gas cans etc. What has become of our country, our world?

Reading along on the CNN site, a HOT TOPIC regarding the Arizona Illegal Immigration law. There have been changes to the law to prevent "racial profiling" (which I must admit was in place BEFORE these changes - the words "reasonable suspicion" come right out of the original law). The link for the story from CNN on the revisions can be found by clicking here. From the Arizona website, the immigration law, as it is called, and otherwise known as SB1070, can be found by clicking this link. Although some of you out there might still find this law to be outrageous and utterly ridiculous, the changes made are for the good of our country. Remember the opinions expressed and written by me are mine and mine alone. I feel that legislation needs to be enacted in other states located in the western parts of the United States and the borders be secured to prohibit human trafficking, illegal immigration and other such instances. The border could be open for "fair trade".

On a more personal note, the weather is rather cold today even at 54 degrees, there is little to no sunshine. Update: it's raining! Sigh!

A friend of mine decided that we should go and enjoy his personal favorite food, Kolache's. It's about 30 minutes from door to door, but the Kolache Factory located on Wadsworth Avenue just south of 1st Avenue in Lakewood Colorado is an experience for your taste buds! I'm talking total yummy! For those of you who are calorie counters and watch their carb intake, take a break and get just one! They come in a variety of fillings.

Recently, I had the opportunity to remind people that Colorado's official language IS English. The particulars on this can be read here. It is my strong opinion that Colorado needs to start enforcing this law. How many of you who speak English as a 1st language are tired of English AND Spanish on the packaging of many products you purchase in the store. Now, don't get me wrong, there is no reason why products sold specifically in the "ethnic" aisles of stores can't be written in another language. Actually, I don't expect to know what the Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, Jewish, or any other "ethnic" labeling is but they are in the "ethnic" aisle and should be taken as that. Such items might included seaweed (which came off the top of my head). I refer to items such as everyday items. I'm also opposed to the use of Press 2 or another number for Spanish when I call my AMERICAN (with offices in Colorado) based cell phone company, or other utility, or corporation which requires my phone call to them. This is COLORADO the official language IS English. I guess my point here is I don't want to feel FORCED to pick and choose a language in a state where ONE is designated as official. What's next Colorado? Traffic signs written in different languages? Oh Please! Spare me!
I'll step down from my soap box now.

On the unemployment front, I've noticed many tweets on Twitter stating this company has laid off x amount of workers, that company is folding. This creates more people to collect unemployment and never knowing where they will find their next job/career. We need to CALL our US Senators and Congress people and make a stand - offer your opinions, your worries, and ask what they would do in YOUR position. I'm providing a link for your convenience to find the ones to contact from your state. Click --> here! Families with children, senior citizens who can still work, the middle class aka "Main Street" are all suffering because of the recession and the rate of unemployment - it's spreading like a wild fire. Even if you aren't unemployed, perhaps you know someone who is, this person could be a friend, a loved one or just an acquaintance, make the CALL for them! Let our voices be heard loud and clear! We put these Senators and Congress people into offices by voting for them to REPRESENT US - stand up, be heard - WE are THEIR employers! It's not the other way around. Demand, but in a nice way, that a session can not end with unfinished unemployment and COBRA ARRA extensions in place.

Do you suffer from allergies? Most every morning I wake up coughing, sneezing and trying to see through my watery eyes. Allergies are worse this year than in years past, to my recollection. I found an article explaining how to do spring cleaning for allergy sufferers. The article gives some great tips and ideas. You can read about it at: I would like to add to those tips, deep cleaning your patio furniture, be sure to include a thorough washing of any cushions on the chairs and wiping down the table every day.

That brings this blog to a close for today. Tomorrow is another day, make it the best it can be and dont' forget to make a difference in your own life or the life of someone you know!

Your comments, suggestions and links to articles near and dear to you are always welcome.


  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us! Yeah, sad how some people (Terrorists) decide that if they can't have whatever it is they want, they need to hurt someone completely randomly, that has nothing to do with their situation. It's not new really, cruelty and mayhem have been with us since the beginning, but one would hope we could evolve sooner or later.

    Good for you for still enjoying nature and the good things.

    I want to pass on a resource for Unemployed folks. They have a podcast too! :) enjoy!


  2. Thank you, Scott for your comment! WOW! a job site I haven't heard of! Going to check it out! Thank you again!