Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Tornados Touch Down in Colorado

Early today the weather was hot and humid. We don't normally get high humidity here in Colorado. This afternoon and part of this evening we had tornado warnings, tornado watches and a tornado touch down up in the northeast area.

Notes from the Home Front

Not much to tell about today. Because of the high winds in my area, I was unable to cut the wood for the trellis on the balcony. I'm hopeful for tomorrow. The green pepper plants will need to be transplanted soon.

National News


I just can't believe this but - Senate Democrats Pass Bill Allowing Govt to Collect Addresses, ATM Records of Bank Customers. Why would they even want that information? Read it all.

BP - oil spill

An interesting article: What You Haven't Heard About BP!! Perhaps this tell it all.


No news on any bill passing. Many of us are feeling as though something might come through, yet others feel differently. Long term unemployment Tiers need to be passed.

Resume Tips

This article comes from the Resume Bear blog - Tips for Creating Resumes That Provide a Competitive Edge. Read about it here.

My Verizon Update

As you all may have guessed, the rep who called me yesterday didn't call as promised today. Tomorrow, I will call Kevin at the Corporate Office once again. Some one there better start getting it right. To add insult to injury, my Pantech UM175 and the Verizon software didn't want to work this morning. It took me about 20 minutes of doing a little troubleshooting to get online.

I'm a powerful consumer and Verizon will be sorry if my issues are not resolved.

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