Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tuesday - we had hail!

The weather on the front range is getting warmer if you don't include tomorrow when the temps will dip to 61 for the high and rain. It was 74 degrees when I went to the grocery store today. This afternoon and evening until 9pm, my area was under Tornado watches and warnings. All we got was heavy hail coming down about an hour ago.

Notes from the Home Front

The cucumbers have definitely survived the transplanting. Surprise, surprise, there are about 6 little green pepper sprouts! Can't wait until the weather stays warm so that I can put them out on the balcony then reap the benefits from them. Homegrown, yummy!

It's been a busy social media day for me. Found some new Facebook pages on unemployment and added a few new friends there. Tweeting on Twitter has increased my followers there too. Some are regular people just trying to make a difference and many others are unemployed like me.

To add to this busy day, I received another rejection email from a job that I had applied for. If I printed them all out, the pile would be taller than me.

National News

Why doesn't this surprise me? Janet Napolitano, Homeland Security, is just outrageous!
An article: Napolitano Hasn't Reviewed 'In Detail' the Arizona Immigration Law She's Criticized
Can you believe it? Is this homeland security at it's finest? NO!
Read the whole article here. I had my thoughts on her, but NOW they are confirmed. Slap your forehead, Janet, say "DUH!".

A Charity You WANT to Know About

To the right of my blog post, visit the link for Operation Move to NC. If each person donated $1 to this worthy cause, the goal would be attained and best of all, when it is, you'll feel GREAT to know that you've helped families and single people to obtain employment and a place to live.

Unemployment News

From US Unemployed blogsite, a letter received from Senator Charles Schumer (D-NY) regarding Tier 5 was posted. Read that letter and other informative information here.

This next website could fall under National AND Unemployment News. Did you ever wonder what your US Representatives in Washington DC do all day? Thanks to either a person or facebook page for this one. The site is for the Office of the Clerk - US House of Representatives -


Read up on what your Representatives have been up to for the past 7 days. Click here.

Did you know that there is a website to obtain items like copies of the US Constitution, and other publications for FREE? Yes, by clicking here, you will be taken to the Heritage website. You'll find a lot of good information, you may or may not agree with what you see there. Definitely check it out.

Tech News

Do you enjoy reading those little booklets on Terms of Service from your cell phone carrier, cablevision carrier, or your bank? Of course, you don't and neither do I. They all use that nasty 4pt font so that we won't want to read it.

Never fear! There is a website for those updates. TOSBack keeps an eye on 56 website policies. Every time one of them changes, you'll see an update here.

Weather Extra

Tonight and tomorrow there WILL be snow in the mountains. It's almost June. I promise to go out and take pictures since many of you who have never been to Colorado are probably saying to yourselves "is she crazy?". Actually, I'm not. There is snow on the mountains that are 14,000 feet from September/October to July/August. Down on the "front range" we enjoy temperatures from the mid 70s to over 100 degrees during the Spring, Summer and Fall.

That's it for tonight folks! Is there anything that I can add to my blog? I was thinking of adding a daily recipe.

My other thought was to use my blog or start another one to help those who are unemployed. Resumes could be posted - no address necessary - and I could promote the blog for prospective employers and recruiters. Let me know your thoughts! Any kind of help is good.

As always,


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