Monday, May 24, 2010

Denver Investigations - horrendous!

Thank you to all my readers for understanding about me suspending my blog of last night.

Notes from the Home Front

Today, we were under High Wind Warnings. Trees were pulled right out of the place where they once stood, roots and all.

Because of the high winds, my trip to Home Depot will have to wait until tomorrow. While I was out to a doctors appointment, my vehicle was all over the road because of the wind.

The cucumbers and green pepper plants are really growing now. More pictures to come!

LOST - series finale

Here's an article on The story behind LOST finale (spoiler). What do you think of the ending? Was it a shock? Did you figure it all out before hand? Read what one writer wrote.

Local News

Denver, Colorado

Pinnacol Assurance

Last year, our no nonsense State Senator Morgan Carroll headed up an audit on Pinnacol Assurance. Because of the way Pinnacol has been listed by the state of Colorado, they are afforded "special treatment" (imho). In addition to Senator Carroll's audit, Channel 7 - ABC - did a news investigation on Pinnacol. This year, Ken Ross of Pinnacol took several board members to Pebble Beach for golf, wine tours and who knows what else. Apparently, by viewing the investigation (again by Channel 7), all these perks were paid for by Pinnacol Assurance. Read the article titled: 3 Pinnacol Board Members Go On Luxury Company Trip, CALL7 Undercover Investigation Questions Independence Of Governor-Appointed Board here. With so many people out of work, it's like a slap in the face.

Politics - Jane Norton - Senate candidate

For the locals who read my blog, WHY would anyone vote for Jane Norton? It is my opinion that she couldn't get out of her own way, if necessary. Her views are outlandish, and it's my belief that she will NEVER be able to stand up and defend her "campaign promises".

Read the article: Republicans who heckled Jane Norton at CD 5 assembly slammed as “losers”

Free Family Friendly Activities in Denver

Looking for some free family activities this summer? Look no further - click here to find some places and things to do for your family.

Colorado Wins Grant

This grant is for $17.4 million to be used for federal data tracking. What is federal data tracking, find out by reading the article. What is your feeling on this?

National News


Tom Tancredo (of Colorado) LOVES Arizona

With all the hub-bub about Arizona's law SB1070 and how many states and cities are boycotting by not traveling to Arizona - Tom Tancredo loves Arizona and you should too! Read all about it.

New Mexico

Although this article is from 2008, I think it really brings home and re-enforces the ideas on illegal immigrants and human trafficking. This article, New Mexico Attorney General Believes Trafficking Should Be Addressed at State Level, explains it all. Perhaps this was the real start behind Arizona's law SB1070. This is where you'll find the good read.

Employment Tips

Twitter Profiles to Follow

Did you realize that it is helpful to follow certain people/companies on Twitter? For employment, it's important to follow these Top 15 Twitter Profiles for Job Search. Find that list by clicking here.

10 Phases to Delete from your Resume

Another helpful article is 10 phrases you should ban from your resume. Read the article.

TweetyJobs is another job search site. Good article on their site Good News Bad News.

Unemployment News

There is no good news on unemployment. With only 3 more days for Congress to get something good in place for all of us without jobs and depending on unemployment - something needs to be done. Look here for what they REALLY do all day. Do you see anything to do with HR 4381?

My Verizon Update

On Saturday evening, with the help of one of Verizon's tech support people, we learned there was a bug in the broadband software.

Today, I called the Corporate Office in Manhattan AGAIN! I talked to another person there, going through the whole story again. He promises me that someone will call me back tomorrow. We'll see. I'm thinking that each and every one who has told me that just wants to get me off the phone. I already have all the information by emails and my logs to start some REAL problems for them.

I'm a powerful consumer and will not take much more of Verizon's nonsense.

Until tomorrow


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