Saturday, May 22, 2010

Unemployment, Oil Spill, Free Checklists

Temperatures were up in the 80s today. Gorgeous blue skies, and the sun was shining throughout the day.

Notes from the Home Front

The weather may have been good but the winds were up to 50 mph. I had the balcony door open about 5 inches while the wind was blowing. It blew so hard that my balcony screen door opened. With that, my plant stand fell over - what a mess that made. All is cleaned up but there was dirt everywhere. Thankfully no damage was done to the cucumber and green pepper plants. Because of the wind, it was my decision to stay home today opposed to going to Home Depot. Because of commitments for tomorrow, I'll get there on Monday.

Unemployment News

From the Oakland Press - Deal to extend unemployment benefits may be reached soon - from the Oakland Press. Congress goes on vacation again on May 27. I hope there is something in place before that. Last time they went on break, unemployment was supposed to be addressed and wasn't until they were back in session. To read the story from the Oakland Press - click here.

Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico

It makes me wonder WHY survivors of the oil rig fire would be "allegedly" held in seclusion and coerced into signing legal waivers. Something smells a bit fishy to me and that wasn't meant as a pun. Read the article entitled: Deepwater Horizon survivors allege they were kept in seclusion after rig explosion, coerced into signing legal waivers by clicking here.

Energy News

Do you know what is meant by using 1 kilowatt hour? What does it really mean? Read the article here, and find out how your home usage equates out. Very interesting article.


Are you the type of person who makes checklists for yourself? You know, those lists where when something is done, you check it off. There are some free checklists for everything you do, find that site here. Enjoy!

Not too much to tell about tonight.

My Verizon News - Update

For those of you who are techies and those of you who aren't so savvy, you may understand this. Today around 1pm, I used Windows Task Manager to close my VZManager for my air card (broadband) usage. I also closed other programs that I use while online. The ONLY online program that was left open was my email. At approximately 3pm, I saw an email come through. It surprised me because I had ended the process on my VZManager which would cause it to shut down completely.

Well guess what! After calling Verizon tech support, checking all the preferences etc., uninstalling the software, rebooting my computer, then downloading new software and checking to make sure that the usb device was working properly, the tech and I wonder why the usb "modem" is still active. Who would have thought that there was a bug in the software. Seems as though each time I thought I was shutting it down, in reality, I wasn't. Each time I have called Verizon I told them that this new software release wasn't working like the old version. This proves it, and no wonder I've been going over my 5 gig. The quick fix to the problem is to pull the air card (usb modem) out of the usb port to guarantee my internet connection IS disconnected. Who knew?

The tech I spoke with is going to research this problem, write up a ticket on the problem and will credit me should I go over the 5 gig this month.

Of course, being a strong-willed consumer, I have a list of agencies, etc. that will hear my complaints on this.

Anyone else out there have a Verizon air card?

So folks, that's a wrap!

As always,


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