Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Some call it "Tribal Tuesday"

Is anyone else as confused as I am watching the final episodes of LOST? If you get it, what is it all about lately, please fill me in! I've watched it from the beginning and this season is just too confusing to continue to watch.

So my readers and friends, another day is slowly coming to a close. I've asked a few people for suggestions regarding my blog and have decided to change it a bit - please let me know if you like the changes or not. No change is forever in the blog world.

Notes from the Home Front

This morning while looking through my emails, there was an email regarding a position I had applied for a considerable time ago. My resume made it through the screening process and is in the hands of the Hiring Manager. I'm really excited about this. I do hope to hear something soon. Even though this is good news for me, there are so many others who are not so fortunate, it's heartbreaking.

Tomorrow, for sure, I'm calling the Master Gardner at Ohio State University - Horticulture and Crop Sciences - the cucumber plants are getting too big for the long planter they are in. The gladiolas are still growing and have reached a height of 1/3 up the balcony door. The lonely green pepper plant has no others in sight.

It's been raining for the past few hours and my area is slated for some snowfall about 1-4 inches, while other parts of Colorado near the Wyoming border will get up to 24 inches as of tonight's forecast. I just saw lightning and heard thunder.

Unemployment News

Tomorrow is my day to make phone calls again to my US Senators and Congress people. I strongly suggest others do the same. Do it on behalf of yourself or someone you know who is presently/still unemployed. Names and phone numbers for your state can be found at this link.

Online Reputations

Continuing from where I left off, "Mary" continues her efforts in online harassment of "John", his family and myself. There might be countless others too. It should be known that there are laws against "cyber-bullying". Don't allow these things to happen to you! Be aware of who your friends are online and how they act.

As always,

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