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Unemployment NYC RALLY August 12, 2010

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From @ExtendUENow comes this message.


NYC RALLY for TIER5 #99ers #TwitterMarch Aug12th
This is YOUR organization and we need you!

Press Conference / Rally: Keep the American Dream Alive - Tier Five!


12-1 pm

Federal Hall

26 Wall St.

New York City
(Take train #4 or 5 to Wall St, J, M or Z to Broad St, 2 or 3 to Wall St, 1 to Rector St - exit at Greenwich St, R or W to Rector St - exit at Trinity Place, A or C to Fulton Street - exit at John and Nassau Streets)

Can't go to New York? NO PROBLEM!

You can still help us! Just write Kian and tell her you want to help! We need you to help make this a success! In fact we are counting on you to help, but we need commitments from New Yorkers who will attend come rain or shine, hell or high water!

Are you up for this? Are you ready to give them our demands?

Thursday August 12th from 12 noon until 1 p.m.

We need commitments from unemployed workers from the state of New York and surrounding areas, now!

Write the email address below to tell us you will be there!

Kian, our group coordinator, has already lined up colleagues to help out and she
will spend $100 of her money for permits, signs and printing, but she needs to
know how many people to expect. That is why we need commitments now.

Now is the time to step up and take action!

This rally will be the beginning of a series of town hall meetings and other actions to bring about a Tier 5.

Email Kian at <-- please copy & paste in email

Federal Hall was the first seat of the United States Government. George Washington took the oath of office here and Federal Hall was home to the first Congress, Supreme Court, and Executive Branch offices. On Thursday, August 12, the long term unemployed and their supporters, will gather here to demand our elected representatives hear us and help us. We are Americans who, through no fault of our own, lost the careers we spent a lifetime building. Many of us have, or will, lose our homes, our cars and our valued possessions. Most of us have nothing left - no savings, no credit, and no hope. Each week, we hear tragic news of another suicide. The recession is lasting longer than expected, with only one job for every five applicants! Still, WE are told "it has been long enough", "no more unemployment benefits", "tough". Millions are being forced into poverty by their own government, with thousands added to our ranks every week. We will be just a few blocks from the banks bailed out with our tax dollars. Our elected representatives must value the American worker as much as the big bankers. We will not be cast aside as unworthy of support. We will FIGHT for ourselves and our families.

We will DEFEND our right to the American Dream. Please Join Us! or


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  1. Hello there
    I am a 99er end of aug my checks stop.I am going to lost my home if no tier5.I have look day by day for a job. I worked 30 years in Ct.Medicare then they dislocated. I really need the help alittle while longer.The employers will give jobs to teens but not us.Now employers are not going to hire us untill this bill is passed.It would really be stuip for them to hire us when a $3000 tax creidit is out there .
    Thank you
    Arline Sands-Boyles
    in Meriden, Ct.