Saturday, August 7, 2010

Where does YOUR Unemployment Status Stand?

I was shocked last evening by a phone call from the Colorado unemployment office. The purpose of their call was to make sure that I had received the 6 weeks of unemployment that was due to me and to answer any questions that I had.

For Colorado, this is the information that was given. (for other states links see at the end)

Tier 1 is for 20 weeks or 80% of your claim whichever is lower

Tier 2 is for 14 weeks or 54% of your claim whichever is lower

Tier 3 is for 13 weeks or 5o% of your claim whichever is lower

SEB (state extended benefits) is 13 weeks or 50% of maximum benefits

SEB 2 (state extended benefits) is 7 weeks or 30%

Tier 4 is in some states but not for Colorado at this time (would have been 6 weeks)

The reason for no Tier 4 provision at this time is because Colorado has not had over 8.5% rate of unemployment for 3 months in a row.

This link explains about Colorado.

I asked: What if I move to another state?
Colorado still liable for unemployment for the weeks I have left on my unemployment claim.

What I suggest:
Go to your state unemployment page, look for a link on "extended benefits" or some similar wording. There might be a chart there that explains your unemployment benefits for your state. Keep in mind that ALL states handle unemployment differently!

Arizona Unemployment

State Extended Benefits
Federal Extensions and Additional Compensation can be found at this link.

For Emergency Unemployment Compensation (EUC) click here.

Both links have clear explanations.

If you find the page for YOUR state that provides a chart or information on what the unemployment schedule is - PLEASE leave it in a comment and I'll incorporate it within my blog.

Everyone's help is GREATLY appreciated!



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