Sunday, November 14, 2010

Congressional Adventures

On Friday, November 12th, my friend, a writer for the Denver Unemployment Examiner and I took a trip around town to visit with our Senators and Congressperson. Additionally, the purpose was to deliver signed letters to each from "The American 99ers Union" encouraging each to "Vote YES - Extend Unemployment Insurance Beyond 99 weeks".

Upon arrival at Senator Michael Bennet's office, located just off the corner of 15th & Platt, in Denver, we were extremely disappointed to find the office CLOSED. We both signed the letter and then I, personally, wrote a hand written letter. We left both, with my business card included, under the door to be found by whoever entered the office first.

Here's the proof we were there:

As you can clearly see, the office was closed. WHO, we wondered, called the day after Veterans' Day a holiday? Seriously, is this what Senators are paid for - taking MORE vacation days?

Senator Mark Udall's office was closed too. We decided not to visit there, as I had already had "face time" with Senator Udall at a Democratic event.

We continued on to the WORKING AMERICA - Community Affiliate of the AFL-CIO office to see what was going on there.

As our travels continued, we found our way to Congressman Ed Perlmutter's office. Did any one of you know that Ed does a "government in grocery" meeting? You can find the information on his website. We dropped off "The American 99ers Union" letter and signed his book with our concerns. The gal at the front desk was nice enough to take our picture as proof that we were there.

Tomorrow, Monday, November 15th, there is a fax/email/call your representatives in Washington DC campaign. To help you in your efforts for this, there is a blog post titled "How to contact your Senators" please use that information. Don't forget to post messages on their facebook pages and tweet them all via Twitter!




  1. Great work, guys- I'm consistently impressed by your guts and tenacity :)

    Even when there are disappointments (like a closed office), this is how we start to make our politicians work for US.

    In Solidarity,


  2. Sam,

    Thank you for your comment!

    What do we have to lose? We've lost our jobs, if nothing is done on extensions, we'll both be living with NO income, we have virtual piles of rejection letters from applications.

    I have always said "Why do we pay people (politicians) for a job they are not doing?". It's time to make them accountable to the citizens and voters who elected them to office.

    In Solidarity,