Tuesday, November 16, 2010

"Unemployed" and "Uninvolved"

Do you resemble the title to my blog post? I've spoken to many unemployed people lately and we have all come to the same conclusion - unemployed and uninvolved.

Tonight, I was directed to a blog on unemployment - From the Trenches World Report. There was an article about 99ers and Tier 5 Unemployment Remedies. Of course, I left a comment - in case you didn't see it, I'll post it here.

You are absolutely right about people hiding behind their computer screen afraid to come out and organize. I have written my blog on unemployment since June 2010, made a speech in Washington DC on 10/2/10 at the RFK Stadium Pre-Event sponsored by UCubed for jobs and unemployment extensions, called and met some of my federal legislators and have visited some of their offices. In addition, I have asked, begged and demanded to speak in front of a Senate Committee on Jobs, Unemployment Extensions, and Finance. Why? Because I'm educated, have tons of common sense, I have a LOT to say and of course, I'm UNEMPLOYED. They NEED to hear from us, the millions in the trenches.

Still there are only two of us (that I know of) in the Metro Denver area of the great state of Colorado that stand up and are heard. Although we are strong-willed, educated women, we are still unemployed, er, long term unemployed, and still don't have people joining in except from behind their monitors.

My friend writes for the Denver Unemployment Examiner, and I write a blog (http://survivingintherecession.blogspot.com). For your readers, please subscribe to this site and our sites too. We deal in FACT, there will be no speculation, no opinions, just the FACTS.

I have been in contact with many organizers and group leaders, we have come to the same conclusion - "unemployed and uninvolved". Perhaps the reason is that people are ashamed to tell others "I'm unemployed", other people are waiting for someone else to protest/argue/fight for them, then there are the ones who are simply rowing up the "River of Denial" with no oars. For those reading this - which one are you?

These are the same people who are in the same boat with me and millions of others. STAND UP AND BE HEARD! For those of you who don't believe it, there IS strength in numbers. I've been saying this all along, yet rarely does anyone contact me.

My friends and I are fighting for all of us - who else will stand up with us? Will it be YOU?

Articles and my comment can be found by clicking here. Browse around the site and read, then find a way or ask how YOU can help.

Remember our politicians were voted into office by US, they just didn't get placed there by another politician. They collect HUGE paychecks because of OUR votes that got them into office.


Flood their offices with phone calls, and faxes. Make sure they know who YOU are! STOP sitting behind your monitor and get involved with a group. If you don't know of any groups to join forces with, leave me a comment with the state where you reside, I'll find one for you! STOP being "uninvolved", the future you should be fighting for is YOUR FUTURE!




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