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I'm reposting part of the blog from yesterday so that you'll see it and act!

Thank you to the people who have already sent your email stories, they are being forwarded to our ever-growing list of news stations and newspapers.

Unemployment is not something that can't be reported on.

If for some reason you couldn't fax your story to your Senator and/or House Representative, if you couldn't call, or show up to protest their NO Votes on HR 4213 and HR 5618, we have another way for your voice to be heard.

This way makes it very easy. A few of us have gotten together and set up a central email box for you to send in your stories. We don't care if you are single, married, families, or anyone else - YOUR story COUNTS! All we ask is that your name be included in the email. When your email is received, we will FORWARD them - each individually - to a variety of newspapers and news stations. We have been researching email addresses all day. If anyone has email addresses for newspapers and tv stations to add to our list, please send them to the address below, they will be added.

Please send your story to (copy and paste the address):

Let's let our country know that Unemployment IS A REAL issue, and that WE want to have it reported on!

As you all know by now, my saying has been STAND UP AND BE HEARD! I've posted everything from saving money to unemployment within my blog. My main concern these days is to help get the facts out about unemployment. All along I have supported many different campaigns, faxing, calling, and emails. All the information on how to do this from the comfort of your living room has been given. One day, I had the opportunity to read another blog that was promoting a protest at each and every state capitol. I may have even blogged on it. My comment on that blog was that at STATE level, what will a protest do? In my eyes, NOTHING. My suggestion was to look up each NAY saying Senator and House Rep in each state (which can be found within my June/July postings) at their individual local offices. Everyone has a local office, but not everyone can travel so far to visit the capitol. Again, in my eyes, serves no purpose. Others have used the "protest the local office" approach ... read about it! Unemployment Extension: Protesters At 3 Republican Offices - it does work! I'm going to go to my local House Representatives office. Perhaps I'll sit there all day, bringing along some coffee, lunch and snacks.

We CAN do this! Doesn't have to be on a certain day or at a certain time, even though you will be heard better in numbers.


While browsing around this morning, there were several different articles found as well as a blog which I read. The blog really hit home - you may wish to read it too -

Starting a New Job?

I felt wonderful after reading this article - Healing the Scars of a Long Bout of Unemployment. When you've been unemployed for more than 6 months, you may feel this way too.

Now, onto the news!

From the White House

White House supports emergency passage of jobless benefits - Unemployment benefits should be considered emergency spending and paying for them isn't a likely option, a White House official said Wednesday. Yes, we all think this - why is there no action? Continue reading ......

When You are Hungry, It is Time to Do Something About It

In these hard times, some families, single parents, and single people need help. At this website - Food Stamps On-Line: A Review of State Government Food Stamp Websites, you can find out about the Food Stamp Program in your state. The website has not been updated since December 18, 2009 but it will provide where to call about assistance. We are proud people who have worked hard all our lives but if you're hungry - get the help you need.

If you should call them, ask about other services too!

Where do These Numbers Come From?

In this article - Initial claims drop last week but remain high - it's stated: New claims for unemployment benefits dropped sharply last week, a sign that layoffs could be slowing. At the same time, hundreds of thousands of Americans are losing jobless aid because Congress has yet to pass an extension of benefits. Continue reading, even if you don't believe these numbers.


Did you know that some questions are illegal to ask during an interview? Read the article about how a question should and shouldn't be asked. 6 Illegal Interview Questions to Avoid


North Carolina - IBM

IBM subsidiary to add 600 jobs in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina - find them here.

Times Have Changed

Being a baby-boomer and unemployed, life has certainly changed from the ole' days. Back when I was 16, jobs were easy to find as everyone wanted to hire a teenager. In my 20s, as experienced was gained, jobs were still easy to find. This trend of finding jobs continued throughout my 30s and my 40s. Throughout the years, I've had several different jobs, some of them using the skills I had acquired and refined, and others by learning new skills. While in my 40s, I took some college classes which opened new opportunities for me. While in these new jobs, one thing was missing, how would I climb the ladder further than where my skills had taken me. Now unemployed, those old ways no longer serve me well. The job market is down, during my searches only the extremely specialized person gets the job that I once had. Back to square one I guess, of course, it won't be back to Burger King or the retail department store where my "real jobs" started. I'm hopeful to land somewhere in the middle as an office manager or supervisor.

My very shortened story is a lead-in for how a younger man tries to find the right job while hearing stories from his parents and grandparents. Some lessons are well learned. American Dream Is Elusive for New Generation can be found here.

Good Laugh

After worrying about bills, and unemployment - this link was tweeted on Twitter. Get
those tissues ready, I laughed so hard tears were streaming down my face.

Clueless Secretary Prompts Hilarious Office Email Thread - make sure you read from the top down.



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