Wednesday, July 7, 2010


If for some reason you couldn't fax your story to your Senator and/or House Representative, if you couldn't call, or show up to protest their NO Votes on HR 4213 and HR 5618, we have another way for your voice to be heard.

This way makes it very easy. A few of us have gotten together and set up a central email box for you to send in your stories. We don't care if you are single, married, families, or anyone else - YOUR story COUNTS! All we ask is that your name be included in the email. When your email is received, we will FORWARD them - each individually - to a variety of newspapers and news stations. We have been researching email addresses all day. If anyone has email addresses for newspapers and tv stations to add to our list, please send them to the address below, they will be added.

Please send your story to (copy and paste the address):

Let's let our country know that Unemployment IS A REAL issue, and that WE want to have it reported on!


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