Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Unemployment - continues

It's not over yet folks. There are 5 more days before the Senate returns and hopefully a YES vote on continuing jobless benefits will be obtained.

Here are some stories from today:

Why the GOP is blocking!

Red card for the Republicans - Blocking jobless benefits is foul play - this sure is the truth! Read about why here.


Jobless benefits running out for 147,000 Floridians this week - are you a Floridian? Fax, and call your Senators offices (you can find their numbers by state - on my blog How to fax .... ). Call and email your local news stations. Tell them your stories! The article continues by reading here.


Do you belong to the AFL-CIO? Are you in "protest mode"? The Kentucky AFL-CIO will be demonstrating there to protest McConnell's leadership of Republicans against the extension of federal unemployment benefits. Join in! Numbers matter! Senate Republicans face protesters demanding unemployment benefit extension. Continue reading here.


Want to read real stories on real people and the way that unemployment has affected them? Wait no longer - Jobless losing safety net as stimulus funds run out - this article from the Denver Post tells all.


An open letter to Senator Brown - apparently, he doesn't get why unemployment extensions will SAVE our country! Go long, Senator Brown


Why did unemployment percentages rates drop? Delay On Unemployment Extension Benefits More About Politics Then the Economy - Continue reading here.

The United States is headed for an even worse deficit should unemployment benefits extensions not pass. This next article explains - most important read if you are a baby boomer, like me!

Extending unemployment benefits isn’t free, of course, and has the potential to keep unemployed workers out of jobs for longer. But it could also be preventing a “lost generation,” economists say. That generation is the crop of 50-somethings who might have worked for another decade. Their outlook isn’t bright. Continue reading ....

Unemployment Extension Standoff, Day 36: Blaming The Unemployed - Why won't Congress reauthorize unemployment benefits for people who've been out of work for longer than six months? This is something we have all asked - find out the answer here.

Corporations Sit On $1.8 Trillion Until They Get Their Way - and let's NOT give them their way. It's corporations, no matter how big or small, that have us unemployed and having to scrape for food, paying bills, and clothing your families.

An excerpt from Crooks and Liars - Note to those who insist on Obama's corporatist stature: Corporations aren't happy. They're kind of angry, actually, because after all the years of freedom from regulation, they're being regulated. And they're being regulated by a Democratic administration, which means they're actually being effectively regulated. Continue reading .....

More ways to Contact the News Media

More on unemployment - I will be posting the ways to contact ABC, NBC, CBS and other national news stations and newspapers. New campaign - tell them your stories! See blog titled: BE HEARD EDITION.

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