Friday, July 2, 2010



The Colorado Independent shared a story on Rep Betsy Markey of District 4 - Colorado.

She states that the unemployment bill has no way to be paid for and that is why she voted no. Well in response to Markey, I'd like to offer the following -

A few weeks ago, Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK) stood in front of the members of Senate and explained just how this program and others CAN be paid for. I blogged about it while watching CSPAN. Senator Coburn and his office are collecting data on duplicate FEDERAL programs, this means OUR tax dollars are being spent for one program that is unnecessary. In addition, did you know that MANY Federal employees owe taxes? They do. Somewhere in the tune of $3 million dollars for back taxes. Did you know that there are many federal buildings just standing empty because they have either built a new one or relocated to a new area? That's right. These buildings are empty and still kept up for maintenance etc. Why not sell or rent these buildings out? There is some law that prohibits it, guess which house provided that law - YES, the Senate!

Most Senators and House Reps are lazy! They don't read a bill up for vote. Just because a bill has the same title (by law) the contents of the bill can be changed, rearranged and reworded.

See my report from Senator Tom Coburn's Speech in front of the US Senate -

As in my prior blog posts, we know that the House of Representatives voted and passed HR 5618 for "jobless benefits". This comes right after the Senate kicked us to the curb by not passing their stand-alone bill which was an amendment to HR 4213. In addition to the Senate kicking us, they also felt it was necessary to go on vacation and return on July 12th. Keep in mind that WE pay THEIR salaries - we voted for these people to work for their constituents - that's US!

What this means for us - we have to wait until the Senate returns from vacation to get another vote. This means no payments from unemployment until the vote is passed. The bill is asking for retro-active payments to us from June 2. The federal payment to you of $25/week is not included. What this means - your monthly benefit will be less $100.


For everyone's convenience, I have posted all names of Senators and House Reps by state with their fax numbers and links to their individual website so you can write to them there.

Personally, I am using my twitter account (@ElaineM925) and my facebook account to make sure that my Senators and House Representatives understand how important a YES vote is. I feel by exposing them this way, I have a larger "audience". I will continue to fax as well.

Here in my state of Colorado, both my Senators Mark Udall and Michael Bennet voted YES on the HR 4213 amendment. I have thanked both of them for their support in these hard times.

As for my House of Representatives, I will take this time to thank those who voted YES and expose those who voted NO. One no vote came from my own District 6 Representative Mike Coffman who I plan to unseat by my public campaign. My vote will go to John Flerlage and I will encourage others to vote for him.

Without further blogging, here is the vote from my reps in Colorado.
District 1 - Dianna DeGette - NO
District 2 - Jarod Polis - YES
District 3 - John Salazar - YES
District 4- Betsy Markey - NO
District 5 - Doug Lamborn - NO
District 6 - Mike Coffman - NO
District 7 - Ed Perlmutter - YES

Social Media is HUGE and a great way of communicating with others. Use hashtags such as #unemployment, #twittermarch, and #unemployed.

Get your word out, search for your Senators and House Reps on Facebook and Twitter, "like" (which used to be "fan") and follow them. For the ones who voted YES, thank them. For the ones who voted NO, tell them your story, send them your bills, and advise that you will -


And lastly, but most important, my blog is your blog, leave comments, ask questions, give your story if you want, we must UNITE!

Thank you all for visiting!


  1. Excellent information! A X co-worker called saying she received paper work from EDD on the FedEx extension, she now has to report the companies she applies to and send it back weekly. So now sure if she will receive a check once returns the paper work. But wait, I said to her what the hell happened to your 4th Tier, HELLO. She had just ended the third tier like myself when the shit hit the fan. So it appears CA is saying they are going to give $$ on the FEDED extension, but are skipping over the tier 4 perhaps because of the Senate issue. She called and was going to email to see if she can get a reply back. But I wonder if we will even be entitled to the tier 4 now after this shit. Odd

  2. Michael, thank you for your comment. I'm hoping that others in California post a comment on what is happening with their unemployment.

    This is good information that you have supplied.

    Personally, I haven't heard anything from the state of Colorado.

    Perhaps this information that you shared is a light at the end of the tunnel.