Thursday, June 17, 2010

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What a gorgeous day! Sunny, warm, small clouds floating across the sky. It was also quiet here. Although it was a great day to sit out, tan and cool off in the pool, here I sat.

This week while discussing the Oil Spew via Twitter, I asked this question, "do you think that there is a relationship between oil drilling and earthquakes?". The person didn't know but another follower sent me the following information on the Kettleman North Dome Oil Field. Read the article from Wikipedia. It doesn't take much to put two and two together and get four.

Notes from the Home Front

I had won an online contest on Twitter from Grand Central Publishing, formerly known as Time Warner Books - name changed in 2006. The book I won is "Innocent" by Scott Turow. Personally, I had never heard of him before but will definitely give this a read. It is the sequel book to "Presumed Innocent" - guess I'll have to purchase and read that first. Thank you to @gcpeditor for the contest and getting the book out!

The review copy of the "The Lion" by Nelson DeMille hasn't been received yet. One of my tweets was seen mentioning reading Nelson's "The Gate House", and that is how I started following @grandcentralpub and @gcpeditor. Perhaps you should follow them too!

Something you may not know about me - I love freebies! Don't you? I was very surprised at the mailbox yesterday, in addition to the book, I received a nice recycled bag from Green Giant Foods. It was a big surprise as I forgot I even signed up for it.

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National News


Drug Cartels

During all that television watching, there is a National Park in Arizona that has been closed for four years due to drug and human trafficking.

The article - It Begins... Obama Gives Major Swath of Arizona Back to Mexico. Here is an excerpt from the article "Unbelievable! The federal government is now telling American citizens to stay out of three southern Arizona counties because of invading violent illegals. The Mexican cartels have essentially taken over US territory with violence and intimidation to ply illegal
activities and the Obamanation Administration tells Americans to not venture into the area for fear of offending the criminals." It's no wonder why Governor Jan Brewer is making her mark on history for her state.

Arizona Rancher Killed

It's my opinion that some, er, most, people are very trusting. Time to stop that people! Be suspicious! Watch your back!

Slain Arizona rancher told family illegal alien needed help - An Arizona rancher who was killed in March transmitted a radio message to family shortly before he was shot to death, according to a newly released report from the Cochise County Sheriff's Department. Read the full article by CNN's Anderson Cooper on his AC360 blog.

New York

I actually can't believe that this hasn't been addressed sooner but N.Y. Moves Closer to No-Fault Divorce. Read all about it!

Here in Colorado, if you want a divorce, and both parties agree, print out the paperwork from the Colorado site, pay $90 (that's what it was in 2003), and your divorce is granted within 90 days.


By now most everyone knows about Proposition 8, that law that repealed the law that allowed Gays, and Lesbians marry - also known as "Same Sex Marriages". A "Proposition 8 Judge troubled by lack of evidence from defense" - will this finally give Californians back the legal rights to "Same Sex Marriage". Read all about it!

US Senate Proceedings

So many amendments on HR 4213, also known as the "extenders bill". I was able to catch Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK) speak on how our government can save money.

Before I tell you his ideas, I would like to note here that I am not affiliated with any party nor do I privately endorse one party over another. From my prior posts, you should have figured out that I'm for the "person" and not the "party".

If you watched Senator Tom Coburn, no matter what party affiliation you have, you would have admired the job he's doing for his Great State of Oklahoma and on his ideas on how to shave down the federal deficit. He showed a poster with a list of places that need cuts. He explained that there are many many duplicate Federal Programs and while these are duplicates, no one knows exactly how many programs are funded. Duplicate programs with duplicate funding = deficit for the duplicate program. Senator Coburn went on to explain that the average worker in the United States makes approximately $42,000/year, while Federal Workers on average are making $78,000/year not including the differences in healthcare insurance. *Note* - these numbers are from my recollection of his speech. Did you know that there is a law that Senate has passed over and over again regarding empty federal buildings? Yes, there is. By all rights, shouldn't these empty buildings be sold? Yes, that's what I thought too, they should be. No, they just sit - another loss of revenue. Did you ask what happens to Air Force, Army, and Naval bases when one is closed? Yes, I think I hear someone - they are supposed to be to help house the homeless - surprised, huh? Is this done? NO! If memory serves me correctly, there is some law prohibiting that too. There is more the Senator Coburn pointed out, one item that was most interesting was that there is a high percentage of those federal workers making $78,000 and more that don't pay taxes - it's not that they are exempt, they are delinquent! It amounts to approximately $3 BILLION.

Surf on over to Senator Tom Coburn's website, give him an atta-boy! I did!

Local News

Is Colorado going broke? That should be a question to start conversation with anyone! It is my belief that because people who are still unemployed and have run out of unemployment insurance benefits, they have turned to the Social Services Department. The article - Colorado delays Medicaid payments - may just have proved me right. Read why this has happened.

(Un)Employment News

Does your resume need a new look? From the Infoployment blog comes this article - Ditch the Objective on Your Resume - This is 2010 and every hiring manager knows that you are looking for ‘A challenging and rewarding position with a growing company that utilizes your expertise and offers career advancement.’ Finish reading here.

Useful Information

Have you ever gotten dressed for a meeting or a date and had your dress or slacks become victims of "static cling"? Have you used WD-40 to loosen a tight bolt? Did you think that baking soda was only good for baking and killing odors in your refrigerator? Need to fasten something or make new clothes using your own fashion sense, duct tape is your answer!

Here are some links for more uses.

40 fantastic uses for baking soda

List of 2000+ uses for wd-40 - this is a pdf file and needs Adobe Reader to view

The many uses for Duct Tape .. some of these are humorous

Creative Uses for Dryer Sheets

My Senator Mark Udall Tweet of the Day

@MarkUdall #askudall #unemployment WHY didn't extenders bill not pass? How did YOU
vote? You're committing murder 4 unemployed if you said NO.



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