Saturday, June 19, 2010

"War is Hell" Day

Everyday has a meaning. Today can be called Emancipation Day. Juneteenth, "War is Hell" Day,
World Juggling Day, or World Sauntering. Call it what you want, it'll still be June 19th.

My blog will not have National News, Local News or even Tech News tonight. Instead I'll describe my day.

The day started out in its usual way, a pot of coffee and some cinnamon swirl toast. After some consideration on what to wear, it was the scooter skirt and tank top with matching cloth maryjanes. This day was special. My neighbor was celebrating her birthday and as in years past, a drive to parts of Colorado that were somewhat or not so familiar was the order of the day.

We started our adventure with a nice ride from Metro Denver to Colorado Springs, where we stopped for lunch at Cracker Barrel. After a nice leisurely lunch, we were back on the road, next stop - Old Colorado City.

For those who have never been nor heard of it, this is a quaint town with many different shops, for instance, a huge pottery store, several antique shops, retro clothing stores, eateries with sidewalk patios, and a shop with very unique items from the past. The latter was filled with quilted placemats, cup and saucer sets which reminded both of us of years past, another memory came about when we found some ceramic tea bag holders. We spent quite some time in that store and have promised to make a return trip.

Next stop down memory lane - Dunkin Donuts. By now, you might wonder why but without one in our neighborhood and prior to living in Colorado, they used to be found on just about every corner. Two huge cups of coffee and a dozen donuts to go, we were set to continue on with the days adventure.

As I drove through little towns with modern buildings, the scenery couldn't have been finer on such a gorgeous day. It was an hour ride from Old Colorado City to Cripple Creek which is known for its casinos. Neither one of us had been there before, but rest assured we'll visit there again. The town of Cripple Creek is located approximately at 8000-9000 feet above sea level, there are mostly small casinos and one larger one. The people working in the Wildwood Casino, which is the larger one, were extremely nice and VERY helpful. An hour and 1/2 later, we were back on the road headed back to the Metro Denver area.

My only wish is that one of us would have remembered to take a camera with us.
Our travels took us over 250 miles round trip. Now that I've dropped Michele off and am back to my comfy home, I'm exhausted.

Good night folks.



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