Thursday, June 17, 2010

A bit late for posting but ....

There are times when I have other things to tend to. This time it was a trip to, what I call the recording studio, for another blog and podcast. All went well with that.

Notes from the Home Front

Nothing of interest today.

Unemployment News

Do you wonder why there has been so many set backs on HR 4213? Go to the US Senate site and look up the bill. Just as I wrote yesterday, there is so much 'pork' in the bill that it won't be until sometimes next week that something is REALLY done. Of course, that is my opinion. I actually thought that there was a law against that happening. Was there?

Today, there was an article on this exact same thing in the Examiner. Read what they report on why there was/is a set back.

Tweets to my Senator Mark Udall

Although I wrote several to him, this was one of them asking why and what he was voting no on yesterday. @MarkUdall #askUdall Did I hear you correctly yesterday voting NO for #unemployment extensions on HR 4213? EXPLAIN SENATOR!
I believe that I will be calling his office and requesting a call back from him.

National News

Social Media Can Get you in Trouble

Did you know that Venting Online, Consumers Can Find Themselves in Court? Believe it! What you write about a company is libel. If you can't back up what you write, you might find yourself in court with many expenses in court fees and possibly a fine to the company you flamed. Before you sound off online, whether it's a tweet on twitter, a post on facebook or writing on a blog, get in touch with the company via phone or email. Phone is preferable, most companies have a customer resolution/retention department or at least an Executive Services person to speak with. Get the persons email, follow up your phone call with an email detailing everything discussed in the phone call. I'd also cc yourself on the email, make a folder for the company and add the email to it. Also make a notepad log to record the number you called, who you spoke with, add the date and time, ask for the persons badge number. I know I've mentioned this in other blog posts but it's all important and was necessary to repeat. Read the article on how this one guy got himself in hot water for just posting a comment.

Illegal Immigration - Arizona Border

It's articles like this that our government needs to pay attention to. As the article states, Arizona authorities don't know who shot several illegal immigrants caught walking over our border but we NEED to have better border patrol. With the 1200 that we supposed to be guarding our borders, that is 400 per 8 hour shift. How can 400 guards protect the entire borders for each state that borders Mexico and the United States. The article is interesting, although it may not be the right thing to do, it is happening and more needs to be done. Undocumented Border Crossers Shot At In Arizona, Attackers May Be U.S. Citizens - Read it!

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