Wednesday, June 2, 2010

It's June already! (even though it is the 2nd)

What a nice day today. The Powerball Lottery was up to $264 million dollars today, at least last I heard. Did you get your tickets? I did.

Notes from the Home Front

Tonight, I started another book. This time it's "Cross" by author James Patterson. Since Patterson's books are easy reads, within just over an hour I've read 78 pages. His books are usually always around 300-400 pages. This book features Alex Cross who is now employed by the FBI and formerly the Washington DC Police Department. I like this character.

Even with the temperature in the high 70s today, I used my oven. Usually ovens heat up the whole place, but this cook-top stove never heated up the kitchen or anywhere else. I was thrilled.

Also, I follow many companies and people on twitter. One company, @JoyfulBathCo, holds a contest every Wednesday with #bathday. I received my winnings of bath salts today - 'Nilla Buttermilk. This is the 3rd time I won! Check them out! They have a variety of bath salts in yummy fragrances and will be coming out with a line of natural bath soaps. Check out their website:

National News

Oil Spill

Well - from watching the news today, I saw that the rotary saw that BP was using to cut the pipe broken down and they will try it again tomorrow. I really hope they cap the spew of oil soon. BP not only has to pay for the clean up but should pay each and every business for loss of income.

And the beat goes on in Arizona. People are protesting against SB1070 and others are praising its inception. One person who praises it is Gabriela Saucedo, she's an immigrant who became a citizen of the United States back in 1991. Read the article titled: Si, se puede! — Yes, We Can Enforce the Arizona Law and watch the video .... Gabriela makes some VERY good points.

Unemployment News

There were 4 articles that caught my eye today.

The first was The jobless recovery; the numbers don't add up. Many people, including myself, left comments how on we see the numbers and confirm that they don't add up. Read all about it! While you read, look at the map and see if you think your states numbers are correct.

The second article is aptly titled - They Still Don't Get It and you know that they really don't. So waste no time reading this one.

The third article explains about the 99er's - For ‘99ers,’ a job can feel like a mirage
Maxed out of benefits, some still haven't found work. I look and apply for jobs as required and more but theoretically, I do believe that these ads could just be a mirage. Read the article and share your comments on it.

Last but certainly not least, Chronic Joblessness Bites Deep -
Long-Term Unemployment Hits New High, Cuts Across Income Levels, Demographics. This article has a picture of an unemployment man - a picture can tell a thousand words. Read the article.

Local News

Denver Museum of Art

The King Tut exhibit is coming to Denver. For tickets to the King Tut Exhibition at the Denver Art Museum, visit

My Verizon Update

Today, still no phone calls or emails from anyone there. I did check my account with them and found that my air card is now on a month to month basis. Something has been done. I have one email to write to them, oh, two. Then I have to visit another site and make my complaint. More to follow!

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