Sunday, June 13, 2010

Weekend edition!

It's rained all weekend, temperatures were in the 50s. Only in Colorado does the weather behave like this. Tomorrow, we'll have somewhere between 70 and 90.

Notes from the Home Front

Yesterday, after finishing up taking items down to the storage unit, I was exhausted and instead of posting my blog, fell asleep instead. Today, did some cleaning in the spare room and made a trip out for groceries.

Do you have DirecTV? If so, look for the Ovation channel 274. Other cable/satellite services might also have Ovation. If you like Cats, South Pacific, Phantom of the Opera, and others, this channel is for you.

Unemployment News

Obama Warns Of 'Massive Layoffs Of Teachers, Police, And Firefighters' does this come as a surprise to anyone? It seems as though unemployment extensions are certainly in order. Read what was reported.

Local News

Are you looking to "get down" in Denver? Listed in the article are 10 Rock 'n' Roll Experiences in Denver.

Tech News

Did you purchase an iPad? Did you know that there are Seven Hidden Features of the iPad Camera Connection Kit? Read all about it!

Funny Stuff

Just when unemployment is bringing us all down along comes this article with 25 Hilariously Belittling Short Job Descriptions Ever. Look at the pictures and read the captions.

As Always


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