Sunday, June 6, 2010

I hear thunder

Today temps got up in the high 80s, the blue skies were dotted with fluffy clouds that reminded me of cotton balls. There are severe thunderstorm warnings and watching up in the northeast corner of Colorado, near to Nebraska. As of this writing, the humidity has risen to an unbearable percentage.

Notes from the Home Front

The wildflower seeds that I planted may never come up. The pot that they are planted in was on the patio set table when out of nowhere a gust of wind blew the pot onto one of the chairs. What a mess! After cleaning the mess up, I refreshed the dirt and poured more wildflower seeds into the pot.

The cucumber and green pepper plants are doing well, and growing quickly.

I finished James Patterson's "Cross" and started on "Double Cross". Has anyone else read "Double Cross"? The reason for my question is that for some reason this book doesn't start out as his other "Alex Cross" series books. Just wondering if it's me or if someone else noticed that.

Last night through the rain and lightning, my downstairs neighbors thought it would be nice to have a hootin' and hollerin' time - why didn't they think of inviting the neighbors? Their company carried on this way until well after 11:30pm. Quiet time in our leases says 10pm. It is my belief that they will get a notice from the rental office.

The night before, Friday night (after I had posted my blog), there were two young guys shooting off fireworks near the cars and buildings. The police showed up shortly after that. Fireworks are illegal in the city where I live. Also, because Colorado is so dry, the least little spark can cause major damages to landscaping, buildings and cars.

National News

Oil Spill - Gulf of Mexico

On facebook in comments to a post, one person talked about an incredible professional photographer whose work could be found on his home page. Let me tell you - Jerry Moran is quite the photographer. Look at his first hand pictures of the Gulf of Mexico, these are horrifying. Here's the link.

JFK Airport - New York

This article - Two men with militant ties arrested at JFK airport for attempt to join militant group - caught my eye not only because I'm originally from New York but anything to do with militant groups scares me.

Local News

It's that time again for election commercials. Do these people ever stop slinging mud at each other? What does it matter who raises the most money for campaigning? This just raises a red flag as to where the "campaign money" really comes from. Is it "corporations via lobbyists"? Did real people donate? Who cares about the amount? Let's care about where these funds came from!

Tech News


Can You Restore a Deleted Twitter Account? Find the answer here.

My Verizon Update

Within the next few weeks, I will be at liberty to divulge the whole issue and hopefully the major resolution to this. For now, it's ongoing and has gone to a "higher power"! Nope, I'm not religious and if I were, my "guy upstairs" doesn't handle affairs with wireless providers.

I can say, this month, I have, again, gone over my 5 gig limit with my usb air card. This is because Verizon's VZ Access Manager Software wasn't shut down when there was every indication that it had been. Rosa, the technical representative, informed me of that and that she would also make sure that IF I did go over 5 gig, she'd adjust my usage. Let's see if that happens.

Stay cool! Summer is upon us!

As Always,



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