Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Back to Normal

What's normal you ask. I'm not quite sure lately. Comments? Without looking, it is a full moon? People have acted unusually odd.

Notes from the Home Front

Well not much going on here. The weather is hot and tonight is humid. Humidity is something that Colorado rarely gets. Perhaps it's going to rain. Looking at the weather forecast, it's only 66 degrees here at 9pm MDT. Temperatures for the rest of the week will be in the high 70s, mid 80's and low 90s. Since the pool is open a couple of days there will be nice.

I finished reading The Gate House by Nelson DeMille. If you don't read him, I suggest going to his website and reading a few chapters from some of his books.

I'll start reading one of the many others books from James Patterson tomorrow. You can read some chapters of his books at his website. My personal favorites are the books he writes on Alex Cross.

All plants are doing well and the cucumbers are getting little flower buds.

Local News

XCel aka X-Tortion

Our local electric company is instituting a new way to calculate our electric bills for the summer months. If you use under 500 kilowatt hours per month you will be charged 0.098 cents per kilowatt hour. If you use over 500, the overage after 500 kilowatts will be charged at a rate of 0.14 cents per kilowatt hour. My general residential usage has been around 240 kilowatt hours per month. Even though my residential usage is billed around $7.00 after all the EXTRA charges that X-Tortion adds on, the final bill is approximately $35.00/month. I can't even imagine what families are paying each month. X-Tortion has a monopoly in the Metro Denver area. There are two other power companies that I am aware of but unfortunately, they don't service my area.

I really wonder WHO allows this crap to go on. They raise our bills ever couple of months and "someone", I'm sure, has to approve this. The Public Service Commission (PUC), imho, must be paid off by X-Tortion. No matter how many times the public complains, they aren't heard, it seems.

Unemployment News

Over the weekend, I called in for another payment on my claim. Now they have changed the questions. So, as it seems, if you sell something on CraigsList, or Ebay, you have to report it to unemployment. As I have stated before, the rich get richer, the poor die.

So, I'm not sure what the word is on any extension, the Senate okays it, Pelosi opposes it. US Representatives went on vacation on Thursday in order not to address it. Who ARE THEY to take the lives of millions of people into their hands? I swear they have issued us all a death sentence. What did we do? We got laid off because of the economy. Is that OUR faults? NO!

National News

Oil Spill

The oil continues to spew from the well at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico. BP's top kill program has failed. President Obama is mad. The southern states affected by the oil spew are up in arms. Hurricane season is approaching. Another well is being drilled but won't intercept, even if it does, the spew until August.

It's bad enough that Bush and Cheney allowed Louisiana to be trashed years after Katrina and just when you think things are getting better, along comes BP.

President Obama made a statement today on the oil spill - watch the live video here.

My Verizon Update

I received a call from Adrian from Executive Services - which I believe I have written about. No email or any other phone calls from them. Tomorrow, I will again call the Corporate Office, this time I will talk to one of the nice ladies who understood what I want, and need. No more playing around with these peons.

And another day comes to a close

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