Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Let It Go Day!

It was a balmy 95 degrees yesterday but only in the mid 80s today. In my area, we've had no rain in days, we really need it since we are a mile high the sun is that much closer than for the land at sea level. At least we rarely suffer from high humidity.

Notes from the Home Front

Nothing much out of the normal going on although some of the cucumber plants have flowers on them.

National News


Illegal immigrant families leave Arizona and its tough new law for other parts of US - I'm sure that many of us hope they aren't moving into our states and before they can, our states will enact the same laws as Arizona's SB1070. Read the article!

Police chief: Cartels threaten U.S. law enforcement in Arizona - If you didn't understand why SB1070 is needed in Arizona, perhaps after reading this article, you'll support that state too!

Oil Spew

Judge blocks 6-month moratorium on Gulf deepwater drilling - I just don't see how "big business" could take our government to court for this. Read the article by CNN.


I don't understand nor do I agree that we should have so many homeless people in our country. This also goes for giving help to other countries before tending to our own first. As I wrote last week, it was reported on CSPAN2 (US Senate) that closed army/navy/air force bases were to be used to house the homeless but because of some bill enacted by Senate members years ago, this isn't being done. So without further adieu, read how America Finally Has a Plan to End Homelessness.

South Carolina Town Bans Singing

The Town of Sullivan's Island is voting to ban singing and other such annoyances from their streets in order to keep peace. Read about how they will go about this.

Unemployment News

H.R. 4213 seemingly goes on life support at the moment - the beat is dying a slow long drawn out death. Many people have already lost their unemployment insurance benefits without securing a job, what should they do? Read what one blogger writes.

Local News

Democrats say veterans want Norton ad taken down - for those who don't live in Colorado, Jane Norton has been reported for years for her stand against veterans and other groups. She is poison to us and shouldn't be allowed to run for any office. Perhaps she needs to be put out on the front line where these veterans have been while fighting for a free America. Read about her ad.

My Verizon Update

On Monday, I replaced my Verizon Air Card (Pantech UM-175) with cable internet. The speeds are incredible and of course, I no longer need to worry about exceeding the 5 gig limit each month. While on the phone with Verizon, I pulled up my account online, the tech who was supposed to monitor my account and credit any overage didn't do what was expected. I will deduct that overage amount from my bill and deal with it accordingly. Thankfully, someone in Executive Services did mark my account so that my air card service was month to month so that I didn't have to pay a termination fee (prorated).

There will be more on this but for now, I'm dealing with a higher agency regarding the software bug issues that each and every user experiences.

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