Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Clip those Coupons!

The weather again today was odd. It was reported that we'd only see low 70s but alas, the weatherman lied again. There is a saying here in Colorado "if you don't like the weather wait 15 minutes".

Notes from the Home Front

As the title states, Clip those coupons! There are many sites that will send you coupons for items that you buy, and ones that you don't. Today, I took some coupons to the store, my final bill was $51.66 but after my coupon savings, all I owed was $22.46! That doesn't include the money that I saved on items that were on sale. When I like a product, I write to the company and tell them. Companies have also heard from me when I don't like their product. By writing to them, I've had FREE or cents off coupons fill my mailbox.

National News


I've written about my opinions on closing the borders to the south but it seems that other states have the same problems with people coming in from Canada. This article - Border Patrol seeks text on suspicious activity - explains about illegal immigration in Washington State and Montana and how they deal with it.

Oil Spill - Gulf of Mexico

First, allow me to give a warning when going to this article and video. The article is titled - Oil Spill Birds Cooked Alive: Spill Will 'Cook The Birds' - there is also a video to watch. I'm heartbroken.

Another article on the oil spill is about a Professor from the University of Pittburgh wanting to have BP use his filter on the oil. Read it here.

George W. Bush

YAY for the New York Times! They are demanding a criminal investigation of Bush officials. The investigation reveals admin conducted medical experiments on torture victims. We all knew about the water-boarding but this article is truly revealing. Could this be why he has been out of the public eye? Bush should have remembered the old adage, "what goes around, comes around".

Unemployment News

As millions of Americans wait for news on Tier 5, extended unemployment - perhaps someone is listening. The article - Tier 5 and extended unemployment benefits: letters to Congress from the long-term unemployed - might just give a broader insight to what people who are unemployed are going through. If you think you have it bad, read the letters.

As Sonny and Cher sang "the beat goes on"! Could this next article be the reason that hearts are beating at a slower rate? Read how the Senate is beginning consideration on HR 4213. The article is titled - Senate begins consideration of unemployment benefits extension (HR 4213) today - the time is NOW for them to help out their constituents. We will remember come November!

Fun Stuff

Sometimes humor IS the best medicine! The 11 Funniest Unintentionally-Sexual Signs Of All Time (PHOTOS) - these pictures just made me laugh out loud today. Hope they do the same for you! After seeing the one picture on the site, scroll down toward the bottom of the page, there is a series of additional pictures there, just glide your mouse over them to view. Find the laughs here.

Another funny thing is when someone tries to imitate you. How flattering is that? VERY! Whether you are a "friend" with the person or not, just because they imitate you shows that they want to be like you! It's the same when someone reads a blog then comments on it through their twitter or facebook page. Personally, I find this practice hysterical. So, a personal word to the person who has done this - Thanks! Wouldn't it be easier to just go on being yourself? I'll take the liberty to answer for you - "I don't know who I really am". LOL ... how's that for exposure?

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