Thursday, June 24, 2010

National Handshake Day

OUCH! Another 95 degree day, and that was around 4pm MDT. Tonight, there is a nice breeze coming in. Tomorrow, we're supposed to get up in the 100's, thankfully, the humidity here is low.

Notes from the Home Front

Two more rejection letters today - I don't always note them here but with the way things are going downhill, thought I would mention them. My new internet provider and services from them are exceptional and I was able to watch a live show on UStream. Now to find the money to upgrade the ram in my laptop from 1 gig to 2 gig. At least I won't have to pay someone to change out the ram.

Unemployment News

It saddens me that H.R.4213 aka "the extenders bill" did not pass. Apparently, the GOP thinks that we are lazy and just want a hand out this comes from the same party who wanted anyone on unemployment to get drug tests. For crying out loud, who is crazy here? Read the article, find out how your Senators voted, then vote them out in November. It's their fault by voting to spend money here and there on duplicate programs etc that they don't have the money to spend on us.

The GOP Sweeps Us Under the Rug

Nearly 1 million people who had been receiving extended unemployment benefits have lost them due to the congressional inaction; Senate Republicans, joined by one Democrat, Nebraska's Ben Nelson, voted to block a measure that would have extended those benefits until December. Read the rest of the article.

How to get Congress' attention

2010 Unemployment Extension -- Best Idea Ever to Get Congress' Attention - read it here.

Let's get together and convoy to Washington DC in protest. I'm serious about my convoy idea and anyone who wants to join in, tell someone, let them tell others etc. Our government can't allow this to be our "death sentence".

National News

New Mexico

Did you know that New Mexico was lost? Those of us who are really "in the know" know that New Mexico is located in the western part of the US just south of Colorado, east of Arizona and north of Texas. Read how New Mexico was lost in cyberspace.


Governor Bob Jindal states that no one in Louisiana wants an unemployment check. Learn about what he does want for his state by reading the article.

President Obama and Border Security

Obama Administration Announces New Border Security Measures, The Obama Administration announced Wednesday that it will station an aerial drone in Texas as part of its stepped-up surveillance of criminal trafficking along the Mexican border. Do you think that he really wants to end illegal immigration or just give them all green cards or visas? Even though I voted for him, I don't always agree with his thinking. As you may have understood from all my prior posts, illegal immigration needs to stop, they need to be sent back to their country. Let Calderon take care of them. Read the article.

If reading about what the White House wants is your thing, continue reading this report: Amnesty on White House's mind - here.

Tweet of the Day - Call Hilda Solis

CALL Labor Secy to express outrage over remarks that illegals should receive same pay as citizens: 1 202 693 6000

Tech News

While searching for a registry cleaner where I could control what will be deleted or not, I came across a good tech site. It's the Place for Answers -

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