Friday, June 25, 2010

Take Your Dog to Work Day

As the title says, according to daily holidays, it is take your dog to work day. If you are working and have a dog, did you take him along? Think of how much fun that would be.

The temperature rose to 102 degrees in downtown Denver for the first time since 2008. Last year, because of the crazy weather we had there were no over 100 degree days. Thinking back, I was thankful for that.

Notes from the Home Front

I can actually say that I don't know which emotion hit me more today. I could be sad, upset, angered, or having that "I just don't care" moment. Does anyone know the fate of unemployment benefits? Is anyone else feeling as I am?

The cucumber plants are beginning to sprout more yellow/orange flowers!

At the Denver Art Museum, there is a huge exhibit of King Tut's treasures. CBS 4 Denver is holding a contest to win tickets to the show, and then will have a drawing for a 50 inch HDTV. Guess who won 2 tickets? ME! I'm really excited about this and will take a very dear friend with me.

Unemployment News

Does this article come as any surprise? My answer - NO! What's your answer? *Now* Snowe thinks jobless benefits are critical - one day after Senator Snowe voted nay on the "extenders bill", there is a change of heart. Even if Senator Snowe had voted yes, the bill still wouldn't have passed. Read the full article.....

H. R. 4213 is Dead

When Senators kill a bill, they look for other ways to revive it - this is like dying then someone gives you CPR and brings you back to life. H.R. 4213 is dead; it's time for a new strategy or that second stimulus talked up recently - in the meantime, millions of unemployed people will lose their homes, be evicted from apartments, run to the food bank, and be left to wonder, how much worse can this get? Read the article, make up your own mind.

National News

Oil Spill

I just couldn't bring myself to watch anything on the oil spill today. Business owners taking their lives in the Gulf, no full reimbursements on claims, Florida shores with oil, animals dying from the oil, and what are the dispersants doing to the Gulf waters below what we can see.


Kellogg's the cereal company has a voluntary recall of 4 cereals. The reason for the recall is that a strange odor is coming from inside the box - suspected that it is in the bag with the cereal in. Read the full article.

Tech News

iPhone 4

Are you one of those people who have to run out, then stand in line for the latest and greatest in technology? Did you purchase the new iPhone 4? Do you have a strong grip when holding your phone? This is the reported problem on why you would drop calls, get odd colors and other such things on your new phone. The remedy - buy an iPhone case. Read more about it.

Local News

Colorado Gets Funding

On the job training will be funded by Colorado for the long-time unemployed is the news of the day. After reading the article, I wrote to my State Senator and asked for clarification, where to find out which businesses will offer on the job training, and where to get signed up. As of this writing, I have not heard anything. In the meantime, here's the article link.

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