Monday, June 14, 2010

Day 56 - Oil Spill

A semi nice day today. We had some sun, some blue skies and some rain. This weather is crazy.

Notes from the Home Front

As most of you know, I'm unemployed, and looking for that fabulous position where I can use my talents and skills to make a difference. If you hear of anything in the Southeast Metro Denver area of Colorado, please be sure to contact me. My experiences have been from Office Management, full charge bookkeeping, business to business collections, IT, help desk, software trainer and support/troubleshooting. My hobbies are blogging and podcasting via social media.

National News

Oil Spill - Day 56

Anderson Cooper - CNN

Is BP running this show in cleaning up this spew of oil throughout the Gulf of Mexico? OR is President Obama clearly in charge? From the reports shown on CNN with Anderson Cooper, the answer comes as a mixed bag.

From CNN, it seems as though BP is purchasing 5 of Kevin Costner's oil cleaning systems. Will they use them? Also as reported from an interview with Parish President, Billy Nungesser, of Plaquemines Parish with offices located in Belle Chasse, LA, some workers have been using 5 gallon wet/dry Shop Vacs to suck up the oil.

Boycott BP - Bayou Lee

More on the Oil Spill - Have you seen a Facebook page for Boycott BP yet? This page is THE page to like/fan. Bayou Lee keeps over 611,000 facebook users informed about what is going on in Louisiana regarding the spew of oil. In addition to this Facebook page, Lee has a blog, and was interviewed today by Diane Sawyer of ABC News. Watch the video interview, you'll be glad that you did.

BP fires 92 clean up workers

Why you ask? Some of their hazmat instructors were not certified. This just goes to show the negligence in checking credentials, and giving proper instruction. Personally, I'm just aggravated with BP - this all goes back to - WHO is running the show? Learn about it here.

Best and Worst Grocery Stores

Where do you shop? How would you rate YOUR grocery store or chain? It's no surprise at all the Wegmans with stores in NY and a few other states is a #1 best grocery store. When I resided in Western NY, I had the opportunity to shop Wegmans quite often, by going there you'll find a well planned out store and call shopping there an "adventure in grocery shopping". The stores are ALWAYS clean and well stocked. Another on the list of best grocery stores was Shop Rite, when living in Upstate NY, Shop Rite was the best shopping around in the little town where it was located.

For those of you who might think that Western NY and Upstate NY are one in the same, they aren't. Upstate is the area directly north of New York City (NYC) to the Canadian Border. Western NY is located from around the Utica area to the area just beyond Buffalo and Niagara Falls.

See where your grocery store stacks up!

Unemployment News

Kathy Myers

This is the most disturbing and heartbreaking story I have read to date. The events are what this country is coming to. Kathy Myers is unemployed, and she has no health insurance. Read her story - Kathy Myers Shot Herself to Get Medical Care - Uninsured, Unemployed, and Out of Luck, Mich. Woman, Saw Desperate Step as Only Way to Get Help for Shoulder Injury. This is the type of story that just makes you want to help her out, even if it's in some little way.

I could relate to her story only in the way of having a torn rotator cuff in my right shoulder. Don't worry folks, I have health insurance but won't for long if Congress doesn't get up off the pot.

Job Growth - was there any?

It's almost like millions of us could have written this next story on how job growth slowed down in May.

Foodie News

Did you think that KFC's "double down" was just that? Well see what you can make with one, all you need is to search this article for some recipes in transforming that plain ole' double down to something really appetizing! While at Fancy Fast Food's site, you may find other recipes that you never thought of. Why not take a few minutes and check it out!

Funny Stuff

Today's fun stuff comes via a typo within a tweet. You know that typos can make something serious to something silly and fun mostly in just one keystroke.

Here's the Tweet from @change: What's newsworthy? Puerto Rican students shit down largest university, US media ignores them:

You know that they meant SHUT - but I just had to point out that a typo can result in odd comments. My tweet to @change was "they WHAT?"

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