Thursday, June 10, 2010

Congress leaves after 4 days work

Although we had a high of 85 today, sunshine and blue skies, we also had tornado and severe thunderstorm watches and warnings. This evening we had some rain but that was it.

Notes from the Home Front

There really isn't anything newsworthy at home today.

National News

Oil Spill - Gulf of Mexico

Watching CNN at the moment, something bad is really going on down there. CNN is reporting that BP issued a statement that workers could talk to reporters, but when workers were asked to talk, no one would. Other reports are coming in that the workers can only work for 20 minutes out of each hour because of the heat and the oil.

Looking at the live feed on the flow of oil spewing from the pipes, it doesn't really look as though the flow has slowed down any.

The families of the men who died on the oil rig reported that not even one person has approached them with condolences from BP, not even a card or letter.

Senator Bill Nelson (D-FL) is pushing for transparency and accountability from BP regarding the flow of oil and what BP is going to do since oil is starting to show up on Florida's beaches.

Here's one article - John Boehner Thinks Taxpayers Should Bail Out BP? - Another bailout before unemployment etc passes? Who does John Boehner think he is? Read all about it.

Unemployment News

Who allowed Congress to work only FOUR days this week after taking a 2 week vacation? Did you? No, huh? Me neither. For years we have paid Congress members big bucks - this year upwards of $175,000 EACH! Some of us will be fortunate to make even close to that in a lifetime. Of course, because of everything attached to HR 4213, it wasn't even on the table this week yet, it was supposed to be. There are millions of us who have no idea where our next money is coming from. This recession IS NOT our fault. Perhaps we need to get Bush and bring him to court for what he has done to our country.

So, of course, we have politicians who have arguments against continuing unemployment benefits read about it. Get mad about it!

Here's the proof in the pudding about Congress, they are fiddling around while 212,o00 unemployed people a WEEK lose their unemployment benefits. The Examiner covers it.

Stand up and be heard!

Local News

Governor Bill Ritter did something good for the people and businesses here in Colorado today. Why doesn't he do ALL good for the state? In my opinion, since he is leaving office, he's really going to leave his 'mark' on all of us. Anyway, today he signed the "Punish Chrysler" bill into law. Since I don't like Bill Ritter very much, I'm not going to spend too much time writing about him.

Foodie News

Did you think you saw too much advertisement of KFC's DoubleDown? Well hold onto your seats, McDonald's is introducing their "McGangBang" which is a Chicken Sandwich Between Two Burgers. The picture of it is worth 1000 words.

That's about it for today. Congress leaving after 4 days of work has me very upset to the point that I'll be faxing a letter over to President Obama and all my representatives in Washington DC as well. In my opinion, for our Senators and Representatives to have local offices in addition to offices in Washington DC is a total waste. I've called both and get "lip service" from them.

Remember WE put them into office and WE can take them out too!

Anyone else feel like running for office? We need good HONEST people to represent us!

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