Monday, June 7, 2010

Can you say HOT?

Today's temperature must have hit 97! If it didn't it sure felt like it and maybe more.

Notes from the Home Front

As I mentioned it was hot today. Around 2pm, it was decided that a trip to the pool would be great. Let me tell you, it was, at least for the 2 1/2 hours that I spent there. The only reason for leaving the pool area was not because I was tired or even that I'd had enough. The real reason was the screaming children. WHY do parents allow their children to scream at the top of their lungs while in and around the pool? Don't they have any control over their children? Really folks, we are at the pool for a reason, aren't we? It's to cool off, relax (as I was doing with my book), and get out of the house for a while. Is it terrible that hearing anyone scream makes my skin crawl and all I'd like to do is turn around and walk away?

Tomorrow is another day and it's my belief that perhaps I should go out there earlier and miss the screaming, then come home and go back to the pool later in the evening.

The cucumber plants are growing nicely and have the same little buds on them as about a week ago. The green pepper plants are growing slowly but they are still nice and green and look sturdy.

National News

iPhone 4G unveiled by Steve Jobs

The iPhone 4g will be available on June 24th. There are many new features but I think that the one I'd enjoy most is the video chat. There are downsides to the iPhone 4G though, to video chat, the other person must also have the newest iPhone. Additionally, if you really don't like AT&T but stick with them because they have the iPhone - you will have to start a NEW contract with them. Yes, a TWO year contract.

It was reported that Verizon would be able to offer the iPhone by the end of this year but realistically this won't happen until sometime in 2011. IF this is true, and you are buying the iPhone 4G now, your contact with AT&T won't end without early termination fees until 2012. It is my opinion that even though the iPhone 4G is rather affordable, if you want to go with Verizon, I'd wait. Without looking it up, the termination fees for AT&T have or are going to start at $350 and pro-rate down from there.

Still interested? Read the article - Next iPhone has clearer screen, coming out June 24 here.

Chrysler Recalls

Do you own a Jeep Wrangler? Model Year(s): 2006-2010 OR Chrysler Town & Country OR a Dodge Grand Caravan? Model Year(s): 2008-2009? These vehicles are on a massive recall totaling nearly 600, 000 vehicles. Hurry to this article to find out what the recall is for and what you should do to get your vehicle fixed.

Oil Spill - Gulf of Mexico

Do you read the Drudge Report? YES? NO? Well you should! The Drudge Report gives the most unbiased news, in my opinion. One article that was written there today was - Obama Seeking "Ass To Kick" Over Oil Spill. Needless to say, President Obama should be kicking some major BP ass and any other company related to the oil rig blowing up and subsequently, the oil spill that is polluting the Gulf. Not only is it polluting the Gulf but oil is everywhere, in the marshes, on wildlife, and it has killed many people's livelihood in the way of jobs. Don't forget those pristine beaches that can't be used over this summer, and who knows how long after that. Click here for the article and don't forget to read the comments of other politicians while there.

Arizona Law SB-1070

What is our President thinking? If I had to guess, he needs to support my nearby neighboring state of Arizona in enforcing their SB-1070 law. After speaking with a few friends on this subject, we have come to the conclusion that by not enforcing and being against the law as it is written now, our President will lose votes of the LEGAL immigrants should he seek re-election. President Obama, this is NOT the way to get votes! In my eyes, our president is totally wrong on this. We NEED strict laws like Arizona's SB1070.

Read the article on how President Obama asks the Supreme Court to Overturn Napolitano-Endorsed Immigration Law. Perhaps we need to campaign our wishes to the Supreme Court!

Unemployment News

Thank you to my many friends through Facebook and Twitter for these articles.

Did you know that the Senate debate on H.R. 4213 unemployment benefits extensions is to begin this week? Unemployment steadily goes up and up and up, while the government "plays" with us who sometimes feel that there is no future for a good job. We still apply for jobs EVERY DAY. Read the article to find out what other issues are being discussed within H.R. 4213. What happened to "no pork" within a bill?

I'm adding in this next article because it's just too darn funny! Want to know How to stay unemployed, (In 10 easy lessons)? Read John Heckers article that was found in the Colorado Biz Magazine.

Local News

Perky Cups

Have you heard of the new coffee shop called Perky Cups? You haven't? At Perky Cups, bikini clad baristas serve you coffee. One such shop is in Aurora, located at the corner of Peoria and Iliff. This store is on the radar of Aurora City Councilwoman Molly Markert who would like to boycott the store. In my opinion, perhaps she is jealous that she can't look as good as the servers can. No, I have never seen a picture of or met the Councilwoman. What do you think? Even though I live close to the store, I've never been in there. As the article states, coffee comes in a variety of sizes, A, B, C and D. Coffee is Coffee, who cares what the server is wearing! Way to go, Councilwoman Markert for trying to force businesses out of Aurora! Wake up!

XCel - Breaking News

On 14th and Jackson, there was a fire and explosions at the XCel transformer station. There are outages around the city and Rose Medical had no back up power. They transported critical patients to VMAC where there was power. Crews are still working on the transformers. I wonder if this is the result of an angry XCel (I call them X-Tortion) customer trying to get even for the new pricing and higher rates. There are no reports on any toxic fumes but people in the area have been told to keep their windows and doors closed.

My Verizon Update

I haven't heard from the higher "authority" yet. Let's give it a few days more, I'm sure that I'll hear something. Can't wait for this whole mess to be done and over with.

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