Friday, June 4, 2010

Sheesh it's hot!

Did we experience Spring? I don't think so! Summer seems to be here as it was 97 degrees today.

Notes from the Home Front

Busy day today. Went grocery shopping and made a few other stops. Why is it that when in the grocery store and the lines are long, no one sees fit to open a few more? The customers behind me had ice cream in their cart, just like I did. I swear it was melting during the 15 minutes on the line. In the summer, it's good to take an insulated bag with ice packs in it for ice cream and other such frozen foods.

National News

Washington DC and Beltway

Union Station was closed today. There was a suspicion of shots fired but nothing indicates that. Read the article - No shots fired at Union Station by clicking here.

Shrek Glasses Recalled

Have you purchased a Shrek glass from McDonald's? If it's in your hand, immediately put it down, and bring it back for a refund. Why? Read all about it.

Unemployment News

This article - Disturbing Job Ads: 'The Unemployed Will Not Be Considered - is just as it says. Disturbing! Appalling! Who do they think they are? Read about the companies who are making this a practice, then BOYCOTT them. Teach them a real lesson! We are more than qualified, hard working people who need and WANT a job. The offensive article can be found here.

Just as we have known, this article thinks they are telling us something new. U.S. Adds Jobs in May, but Private Hiring Disappoints The jobs that were added were those part time Census jobs - again government jobs. It's time to make a comment by going to the story.

Do you tweet? Use Twitter? Use the resources found there such as this one @HRMargo. She has an exceptionally helpful website and holds #HireFriday each week. Find her blog here. A permanent link will be provided under (Un)Employment to the right.

Consumer News

One mom's fight against SunTrust. This blog is an excellent read especially if you are having problems with your bank. Cat shows her dream home and explains why after signing a construction to permanent loan with SunTrust in May of 2005, her home, 5 years later, is not complete nor can her family live in it.

Please visit her blog, vote through her poll, then please leave a comment. Also, if you have a problem with SunTrust, please contact Cat.

Local News

Denver Art Museum

More free stuff in Denver: @DenverArtMuseum is free tomorrow! Visit the museum site, and get the details by clicking here.

Rocky Mountain National Park

In case you missed it: this weekend is FREE at Rocky Mountain National Park, one of the greatest outdoor attractions in the WORLD. Visit the park website.

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