Friday, June 11, 2010

Storage available!

I usually start out explaining how hot it was today. Truth is, I have no idea. This afternoon/evening 3 tornadoes touched down in Colorado. Funnel clouds came close to where I live but sirens never went off. We had a few downpours of rain followed by humidity.

Notes from the Home Front

I was advised yesterday that the storage units in my building were going to be available today. After getting the key and borrowing the hand truck from the rental office, I proceeded to take plastic containers filled with Christmas ornaments and decorations as well as my camping equipment to the storage. Because I have had a great need for storage, there are two storage units that contain the containers that needed to be out of my spare bedroom. My spare bedroom will be transformed to a sewing/computer room.

I'm looking for people who read the authors, James Patterson, Nelson DeMille and Jeffrey Deaver. Why? I'd love to trade books. At the moment, I do this through Swaptree. I don't have any problem with them but perhaps there are some of you who can't afford to buy books and would like to trade. Let me know!

National News


Arizona has been the forerunner in making laws that will be best for all states that fight against illegal immigration. This time, Arizona is under fire for denying "anchor babies" birth certificates from the state. Yes, I wrote comments on the article webpage in admiration of this long overdue action. Here's an excerpt from the article - "It says a state legislator is considering introducing a bill that would deny a birth certificate to a child born to an illegal immigrant." Read the entire article. Please make sure that you leave a comment too! No registration necessary.


Quitting vs being laid off

How can this be? It is reported that more people are quitting their jobs than being laid off in 2010. Millions of us are still without jobs, we can't even get a job to quit. What's happening here? Are the jobs that people are quitting ones that they took just to have a job but now have found something better? WHERE are these jobs? Find the article here.

Legislature acts on surfers

Speaking about jobs, I am sure that you have heard about government workers who surf the web for pornography and other such things. Yesterday, before Congress left for a long weekend, an amendment was offered by Mr. Maffei.

The amendment reads: An amendment numbered 13 printed in House Report 111-503 to state that no funds authorized under the act may be used to pay the salary of an employee who has been officially disciplined for viewing, downloading, or exchanging pornography (including child pornography) on a Federal Government computer or while performing official Federal Government duties.

You can find what your legislators are doing during their "workday" (using the term loosely) by clicking here.

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