Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Special Edition - CSPAN

Here I sit watching CSPAN - live feed from U.S. House of Representatives. What I have noticed by watching, why are the seats mostly empty? Where are OUR House Representatives, do they not care about what WE want?

For the past 1/2 hour or so, a debate has gone on between Rep Chellie Pingree (D-Maine), and Rep Virginia Foxx (R-NC) on the impact of banks lending to small businesses.

The REAL problem in OUR country is that banks who have been bailed out by OUR tax dollars are not lending to small businesses. These small businesses have the power to employ millions of unemployed workers. Unfortunately, these banks are NOT lending and therefore every unemployed worker stays unemployed. The most jobs are created in government, I'm not just talking about the Feds but companies that support the government such as Raytheon and others.

"Recognizing Contributions of Fathers" - HR 1389

Now, they are debating on "Recognizing Contributions of Fathers" for Fathers Day. Why must such trivial matters have to be "recognized" by the House and made a law when this should be something of an "everyday occurrence". My children had me as mother and father - where is MY recognition? Again, WHY does this need to be a law? So they are taking up time speaking of how there are single parents without father figures or biological fathers to these children. Come on folks, divorce happens, bad parents happen, why spend time going over and over on this. Seems as though the members of the GOP are more concerned about boys without fathers. What about girls? Don't they count too? Seems as though it is the "old school train of thought" - MEN dominate in everything - women need to learn that they are expendable. We aren't! We don't want to walk around barefoot and pregnant and bow down to the "rules" that some man set forth.

Rep Lynn Woolsey (D-CA) gives credit to her whole family. GAWD! As well does, Rep. Mike McIntyre (D-NC). Sheesh!

This reserving of time between Representatives is ridiculous because it just pits one against another back and forth. This is the House not some back of school playground.

Further proceedings are postponed on HR 1389.

HR 1414 - Urban Prep Charter School

There has to be a law for recognizing and congratulating Urban Prep Charter School (IL) for young men for achieving 100% college acceptance rate. So they have all been accepted, but will they go? This REALLY floors me (pardon the pun) that Rep Lynn Woolsey (D-CA) would reserve time as long as necessary for this. Let's get on with the REAL problems, Lynn. Everyday people attend college, these same people go into debt. It is commendable that a school does such a great job, but does it mean that more than 1/2 hour of time has to be taken up by VOTING on this. Rep Tom Petri (R-WI) talks about Chicago schools and how only 40% of black young men have graduated. Subsequently, he mentions another school in addition to Urban Prep. Thank you, we know they deserve congratulations but this is just too much. Will anyone other than those watching these proceedings know about Urban Prep?

Further motions will be postponed on HR1414. This means that sometime in the future more time will be taken on this.

HR 1322 - Albert Einstein Distinguished Educator Fellowship

This program is for teachers teaching K-12. Again, Rep Lynn Woolsey (D-CA) talks extensively on this subject. *note - there is a woman sitting next to and behind Rep Woolsey as she speaks, they both are whispering to each other, and the one behind is texting on what looks like her iPhone. Perhaps they both are bored on these proceedings too. - end note*

The US House of Representatives have become VERY boring - I've changed the channel to the US Senate.

HR 4213 Extending tax breaks and Unemployment Benefits

Sen Max Baucus (D-Montana) - Finance Committee Chairman speaks on how deficits should be handled. He speaks on what has happened in years past like the years of the Great Depression.

I do have to say at this point that this watching CPAN and CSPAN-2 is interesting but a real snoozer. I don't know why Sen Baucus is discussing HR4213 and adding in all information on Health Care insurance and other such talk. Is this where "ear-marks and pork" comes in? Someone PLEASE explain this to me. He's also talking about a "Thune Amendment".
This ends my Special Report from CSPAN.

You can follow the US Senate Proceedings by clicking here and the US House, here.

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