Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Companies that REFUSE to hire unemployed over 3 months

Ok everyone ... campaign on!

Big discussion last week on how employers are not hiring displaced, laid off workers who are long term. I even blogged about it and provided links to articles.

Twitter is a fabulous place where information is shared. Even bad information. Exposing people and companies such as the one below.

You can follow the tweets by accessing my profile @ElaineM925 and @nspmike.

While on Twitter today, sharing information, I received tweets from @nspmike who claims he owns his own company called NightShadow Productions LLC in Galloway, NJ. He claims that it is not illegal to discriminate against applicants who have been unemployed for 3+ months. He even wrote about the long term unemployed on his blog - found at his website (www.nightshad.com).
Find his blog post How about get a job! - located at http://www.nightshad.com/blog/2010/06/29/how-about-get-a-job/

Just the facts! Only the facts!

With that all said, I'm reposting this article found on June 6th and reported on that day in my blog - http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/06/04/disturbing-job-ads-the-un_n_600665.html -
Disturbing Job Ads: 'The Unemployed Will Not Be Considered'

When you see companies that are discriminating against unemployed individuals, no matter how long they have been out of work, please post them in the comments section here on my blog. They will be dealt with accordingly.

Another story on Jobless need not apply: http://www.joblessandless.com/2010/06/jobless-need-not-apply-and-less/

Do you know of a company that refuses to hire the unemployed? Please EXPOSE them here.


  1. http://www.statemaster.com/encyclopedia/Michael-Crook


    Michael Crook does own Nightshadow Productions LLC but it's very, very unlikely that he has any actual employees. Any normal person would have to be completely out of their mind to work for a slug like Crook. He's a troll, looking to deliberately anger and inflame people for laughs, the same way he harassed the families of people killed in accidents for kicks, or how he'd film himself spitting on graves, among other things.

  2. Anonymous: Thank you for posting. I will say that the second link you provided isn't a link that I would read - except for this one time.

    At this time, I have not really looked into the background of his company but it seems as though his cronies are just as bad as he is.

    If he does in fact have clients, I am sure that each of them would like to know his views. (sarcasm).


  3. In addition, I found an article with comments naming Nightshadow Productions LLC. http://washingtonindependent.com/90813/no-vote-on-unemployment-extension-until-after-senate-recess

    Also, the correct page is: http://encyclopediadramatica.com/Michael_Crook.

    Interesting to say the least. What a character.

  4. Hi, first poster here, sorry about that, really should have indicated NSFW/18+ content with that link. Didn't mean to offend, despite the vulgarity and comedic content it's a very accurate article that captures Michael Crook's essence very well. The ED site is basically the cesspool of the internet and even they loathe him. Thanks for posting the correct link, too.

    Michael Crook does really own a company called Nightshadow Productions. But I guarantee you he has no employees and no real jobs available for anyone. Any posts or comments claiming otherwise are most certainly lies and are from him. He likes to troll and generate frustration and anger so when he saw an article about "unemployed need not apply" he latched onto it in an attempt to get himself some attention.

  5. Actually, I interviewed for a position with the company after sending a blind e-mail. Indeed, after it emerged that I've been unemployed for over a year, the interview was over before it started.

    I can confirm that they do have at least one employee beyond the owner, and that they are trying to get staff. Sadly, I can also confirm that they enforce their no unemployed policy, which I can't help but wonder if it's discrimination.

  6. You can do a simple google search on Michael Crook and see that his company is not legit at all. His wife is the only other emplyee now. He initially falsified his website claiming that he had more employees. Not the case... This guy is a racist and just a general scumbag.

  7. The only other employee is his wife, and it would be more along the lines of volunteer work, since neither of them have two pennies to rub together.

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